Summer Self-Tanners

Save your skin this summer and use self-tanner ! My days of baking in the sun are long gone! Between the tan lines and uneven tan (or burn) it becomes a fashion faux pas.  Remember the days when you would bake by the beach or pool with your friends for hours?! Who has time for that anymore? Also the swimsuits these days have so many cute cutouts that tanning in the sun would be a disaster! Take my advice and tan before you go! Here are a few products and tips I use to achieve that perfect glow!

Exfoliate before applying self-tanner. Pay close attention to rough patches, like elbows, knees, ankles and heels. Dry Off well after shower. Remain lotion free!

-Start at the bottom and work your way up! To prevent creasing in your stomach and neck start at the feet and legs and work to the top. Try this tool to help. Wait until areas are dry before moving on. Some of the new spray tanners dry within 2 mins !

-To achieve a darker color, apply thin layers, (think nail polish), waiting 10 minutes to dry between applications. The lighter the better to avoid streaking! Use this back applicator to get those hard to reach places.

-Avoid the face! The face is much more oily than the rest of the body which results in uneven streaks. It’s best to just stick with bronzing powders and creams.

-Moisturize to make sure your tan lasts! Before you shower apply baby oil to protect the lifespan of your tan. The oil acts as a barrier to the water.


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