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New Wash by Hair Story-  a new and improved way to wash your hair…







Very rarely in life do I found an innovative product that blows my socks off… well, my socks are blown off after using New Wash by Hair Story.

I was recently in Vegas and booked a blow out using Glamapp. The lovely and very talented guy who came to rescue my hair was not only awesome but also told me about this cool new product he recently started using; and that is how my love for Hair Story began! So here is the story behind Hair Story and why I love this product. No matter what type of hair you have, chemicals and detergents are BAD for your hair and cause adverse effects. New Wash stops the damage and balances hair because it contains essential oils that clean and restore your natural hair. Best part about it?!? It’s two in one! So no need to use conditioner after washing your hair with New Wash! It is one creamy, clean-scented, beautifully packaged, non-foaming shampoo and conditioner in ONE (no, not like Pert Plus…OMG I remember my dad used to use that when I was little). It is basically a super modern, chic equivalent of a combined shampoo and conditioner with absolutely no harmful components. It looks and feels more like conditioner but in all honestly, it leaves your hair smelling fresh and so clean!

One of my earliest memories of my childhood is when my mom “taught me” how to wash my hair. When I was little, she would often wash her hair in the sink and then use one of those spray bottles! Remember what I’m talking about? I remember I would pull up a chair and do the same thing she would and apply shampoo then rinse it. She taught me to run my fingers against a few strands of my wet hair and told me that if I heard a squeaky sound, then my hair was declared “CLEAN”! To this day, I still do the “squeaky test”. The first time I used Hair Story, I unconsciously did that test and immediately heard the magical squeak! I then reached for the conditioner and remembered I wasn’t supposed to use any after using New Wash. When I stepped out of the shower, I was a little hesitant and unsure whether or not I would be able to detangle my hair after not using conditioner. To my surprise, I ran my fingers through my wet hair with ease! From that moment on, I was sold! This product WORKS! I was cleaned and conditioned with one simple wash. This is a great product that honestly saves times in the shower, is easy to travel with (one bottle vs. two) and free of harmful chemicals! I have to mention that numerous friends have tried this product and are officially hooked (including my kids) so I thought I would share my latest and greatest hair story with all of you! Here is the link to the website if you want to try an amazing product.

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