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My Journey with Clinical Skin

Until this year, I hadn’t really thought about taking care of my post summer skin. Yes, I always use moisturizer but am I using the right products for tired and dehydrated skin? lol All summer long, my skin was exposed to sun and other environmental factors that cause long-term damage. I spent so much time concentrating on my skin so it would look good for the summer months, but I left myself ill prepared for this fall. My post summer skin needed some major help from the right products!

I had been using the same skincare products for as long as I can remember but they just weren’t cutting it anymore…I was going with the “if it’s not broke why fix it” logic but I was very wrong. It was time to upgrade my products to high quality lotions and potions!

My facialist told me that it was time to “get serious” about my beauty routine and asked me if I was using a product with “Polypeptides”? Mmm, no…and what is a Polypeptide?

I started researching products containing Polypeptides and so began my journey with Clinical Skin. I first discovered their Polypeptide Firming Serum which led me to the rest of their product line! I started the serum and then slowly integrated the whole line into my daily routine. I have been using Clinical Skin products for about 8 weeks and I am so excited about the results I am seeing. I use the Polypeptide Firming Serum, the Vitamin C Pro-Collagen Serum and the Multi Lipid Replenishing Moisturizer twice a day as well as the Retinol + Peptide Refining Serum 2.5 once before bed. I can honestly say that I started noticing a difference in my skin within a week!

I have spoken to various beauty experts about aging skin and the consensus seems to be all about preventative measures. The best thing you can do for your skin is to take care of it. Well, what does that mean? In a nutshell, get your skin hydrated and nourished by using products with high quality ingredients.

After using Clinical Skin, my skin feels fresh, nourished, and hydrated. It is just what my body needed after 3 months of fun in the sun. You know a product is working when other people compliment your skin, so I am very excited to keep you posted on my journey using Clinical Skin.




This past year has been all about taking care of my skin and overall wellness! My focus has revolved around trying a variety of products and treatments to improve my skins appearance. I spent lots of time reading about anything and everything related to skincare and the latest technologies in anti-aging. I am almost 45 years old and am just realizing how important it is to use products with ingredients that renew and rejuvenate your skin. With all of the newfound ingredients and advances in technology, you can truly reduce premature skin aging while turning back the clock.

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Hair Repair

The summer season is here and for me, that means no fuss no muss hair! When it’s so hot outside, all I want to do is tie my hair up and not think about it all day. I have recently had a bunch of breakage (one of the bummers of being a blonde for over 20 years)…it happens! My hair is fine and I have to color it at least once a month. One of my new years resolutions was self care and this included taking better care of my hair.

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Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer just might be the best invention ever! A cream that moisturizes and provides coverage for uneven skin tones!? Yes please and thank you! I have been using Elta MD tinted SPF moisturizer for years because it provides coverage as well as protection from harsh rays.

It’s strong enough to wear all day at the beach and it also provides enough coverage so you don’t have to apply any other foundation.

So many companies make a tinted moisturizers with SPF but here are a few of may favorites!


Glowing Summer Skin

Glowing summer skin is always a must for summer! With that being said it’s always important to take care of your skin! Sunless tanners are the best way to get that fab summer glow all year round without having to risk damaging your skin from the hot summer sun! Heading to a beach vacay and don’t want to burn but want to look like a local upon arrival!? I have got you covered! Here are some of my fave summer glow body bronzers!


Summer Fragrances

Summer scents are the best scents! I love fresh, light and floral fragrances that remind me of being on vacation by the beach! I have been using Jill Sander SUN every summer and sunny weather vacation for over 20 years!! It’s honestly my favorite perfume of all time! There are so many amazing light and airy perfumes for summer that it’s hard to choose just one! I wanted to share with you a bunch of my favorites:


Go Au Naturale

Thinking of going Au Naturale this summer? These natural products are worth checking out! I was recently looking for a natural bug spray and found a bunch of great and natural products for summer that I had to share with you! These days, with so much sanitizing, Clorox and extra chemicals used for cleaning, why not go au natural when you can?!?

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Summer Eye Palettes

The summer eye palette is all about bright colors and bronzed tones that compliment your beautiful summer glow. Applying eyeshadows that have a bronze or gold shimmer can definitely help give you that sun-kissed look, especially when used with a complimenting blush or bronzer. During the fall and winter months, I tend to lean towards darker shadows and lots of liners but during the summer, I pick bright bold colors that will last me through the season; colors that brighten and open my eyes! I love to have one new palette each season and this summer, it’s all about being bold!