KRISTEN+TAEKMAN+BLOG+ABOUTLast Night’s Look is something I started a few years ago to share my look from ‘last night’ which was right around the same time I was on the show, “The Real Housewives of New York.” So many of you have tweeted and asked about different aspects of my life, so I decided to start a blog and share some inspiration and ideas such as beauty, makeup, fashion, travel and of course mommy wisdom.

I love fashion, especially when it’s attainable–high-style looks paired with affordable brands. Fashion should be comfortable and chic but also realistic. I suggest spending a bit more on certain key items, while also visiting more affordable stores. You are good to go if you have a mix of both- attainable and affordable fashion!

I am a model and a mommy. I have been working as a model since I was 14 and have continued to work, even at my mommy status. I like to say that it’s the best gig out there! (Next to blogging of course!) Where else do you get paid to play dress up and see all the latest fashion trends first hand?

I have been raising my two children, Cash (8) and Kingsley (4), in Tribeca, NYC with my husband Josh of 11 years. We started our life together here in NYC. Then, we moved out to LA for a while but have been back in NYC for years.

My passion for NYC and the clothes that fill the sidewalks on a daily basis is endless. I am so lucky to live in a melting pot of unique style and individuality. Being a few blocks away from storefronts of world-famous designers never gets old. I’m so happy to share my passion of the city and style with all of you.

I consider my personal style as Carrie Bradshaw meets Jackie Kennedy. Sometimes a little more Carrie. Sometimes a little more Jackie. Check it all out here @#LNL