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Father’s Day Gift Guide -Dot Luxury

Father’s Day is right around the corner! This is that one holiday that sneaks up on us in the middle of spring, during the busiest time of the year, when little league, picnics and end of the school year activities are in full swing. This year, plan ahead for dad and get the perfect gift that is just right for him. If your Dad is anything like my Dad, a typical response from him around this time of year is…”I don’t want anything for Father’s Day”, but the truth is the exact opposite! Does this sound familiar? You may be struggling to find that perfect gift for dad but don’t stress…I have made it easy for you by creating a gift guide based on your “type” of dad that will guarantee a happy Father’s Day! What’s the dad in your life most into? Read more on Dot Luxury!!!


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Paris is Calling

Paris was calling! So, of course, I answered and bought a round trip plane ticket from NYC to Paris! In my early twenties I lived in Paris for about three years while modeling across Europe. I have such beautiful and fond memories of my time there and I have been itching to go back ever since. But as we all know, life just gets in the way and I hadn’t been able to make it back until recently.

I decided to venture back to Paris on a girls trip with the purpose of rediscovering the city in a whole different light. There is nothing like springtime in Paris and I was so excited to revisit my old neighborhood and retrace my 20yr old footsteps. Continue Reading


Tea Forté Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I’m so excited to announce a fabulous Mother’s Day giveaway! The goal of this giveaway is to provide moms with a chance to win some fabulous gifts they will truly enjoy. How does a day at the spa and a beautiful cup of tea sound? I would love a day at exhale and a gorgeous (and delicious) collection of tea and teaware from Tea Forté, wouldn’t you? If you’re not familiar with exhale, it is one of my favorite spots in the city to unwind and get a little “me time”! They are located throughout the U.S. so I can almost guarantee there is one near you. Continue Reading


Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Hope you all have something fun and exciting planned for the day. I thought i’d share some of my favorite Cinco de Mayo inspired finds!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide- Dot Luxury


Mother’s day is that wonderful day that falls right after spring has shown its’ vibrant colors. We are all in a fantastic mood, ready for summer, our spring-cleaning is done and we feel fresh and rejuvenated. Overall, it’s just a fabulous time of year (and day) to honor the woman who gave you life! Whether she is by your side, across the country or looking down on you from above, she is with you on this special day. I have to admit that before becoming a mother, I didn’t really understand the significance behind Mother’s Day. Of course I knew how much I loved my Mom and the time we spent together but when I was younger, Mother’s Day meant flowers and a card. Today it means so much more and I now realize the sentimental meaning behind this special day. I wrote an article with my favorite gifts for a successful Mother’s Day! Read the full article on Dot Luxury!

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C 21 Spring Break

For all New Yorkers, Century 21 is an iconic department store located in downtown Manhattan. Although there are a few locations, the Flagship store can be found in the heart of the Financial District. If you’re anything like me, you visit the store at least once a week to check in on their latest sales and spectacular finds. Many people don’t realize that Century 21 is pretty much a one-stop-shop. You can find everything you need or want, whether it be makeup, perfume, clothing or a new eyeglass prescription. How convenient is that?!? Continue Reading


Easter Brunch- Dot Luxury

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year! When I was growing up, I especially loved it because it meant my birthday was right around the corner. I have the best memories of my whole family coming over to my parent’s house; it was a weekend filled with food, fun, lots of laughter and of course, the traditional Easter egg hunt. Now that I am all grown up and have a family of my own, we have started our own yearly traditions. Living in the city is a bit different than growing up in Farmington, Connecticut, so needless to say, our Easter Sunday is a little less traditional than what I experienced growing up. With that being said, we started our own traditions and I wouldn’t have it any other way!Check out Dot Luxury to read more about my favorite Brunch spots in NYC.