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Friday Flash Sale!

Who else is obsessed with tie-dye? I know I am! I had to share these amazing finds from Bloomingdales with you before they sell out. All of these sets are on sale plus an additional 25% off! You can’t beat the quality or price so make sure to check them out before they are gone!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if I learned anything from being in quarantine for Easter, it’s that if you want to send gifts to a loved one, you need to ship early! So this year, I am getting a head start on my Mothers day gifts. Since we are most likely still going to be social distancing, I would like for my mom and mother in law to get a little treat in the mail just in time for Mother’s Day. You know what that means? I need to start shopping now! Below I have put together a bunch of my favorite Mother’s Day finds that are ready to ship and will make it to the mom in your life just in time!

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That Zoom Life

Our new normal…business on the top, party on the bottom! Lol. It seems to be all about the waist up these days Ha! Have you all heard the story of the little boy who was having problems with his morning Zoom class meeting on his iPad? His poor mom took the ONLY 20 minutes of alone time she had that day to take a shower. Sure enough, while showering, her son comes walking into the bathroom, clutched to his iPad, asking his mom for help while exposing her to the whole class. OMG! lol

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I am not even sure what to say…What is there to say? This too shall pass…I hope that you all are staying safe and healthy during this very scary time.

It’s so hard to believe that just a week ago we were living our normal lives, our full-scheduled, busy hectic lives and now here we…it all came to a screeching halt.

As a New Yorker, having been through all the disasters, (911, the blackout, Hurricane Sandy) I know that we can get through just about anything. Our city is strong and resilient. But this…this is a whole new level. Knowing that this virus us affecting EVERYONE in the WORLD is almost too much to bare.

I have had quite a few moments lately…moments of shock, deep sadness and uncertainty. It’s a horrible feeling that is consuming my mind and body. What will happen to my children and schooling? What will happen to my husband and his work? What will happen to my work? Will any of us get sick? It’s all just too much but I keep coming back to one thought…there is a higher power that is calling for us all to stop, take control and pull back on our crazy lives. We are being forced to stop for a reason, whatever it may be, so it is time for us to listen and put life into perspective. Instead of overwhelming ourselves with “what if” questions, why don’t we try to replace those by staying in the moment and enjoying the time we have to ourselves and with our loved ones.

My family and I are fortunate enough to have friends that offered us their home outside the city and I am beyond grateful. NYC is the epicenter of this pandemic and I was scared to have my kids in the middle of the city. So for the next few weeks, my family and I are hunkered down in the country. We are going to take this time to go on walks, get plenty of fresh air and settle into our homeschooling routine. Hopefully all of this will give us some sense of “normalcy”.

With that being said, work is part of my everyday normal and after taking last week off to adjust, I feel ready to get back to work and know that it will help me stay busy and take my mind off of things. So between homeschooling and cooking more than I have ever cooked in my life, I will continue to post about fun fashion trends and makeup finds. (All of this content was shot a week or so before the horrible pandemic).

So take this time for YOU! Rest, relax, reboot and recharge. Think about why you needed to slow down and think about all of the things that really matter to you as well as what you might want to change in your life.

I am thinking about you all during this horrible time. Please stay safe and healthy!



New Year, New You

Ok, normally this post would be about me jumping out of bed and heading to the gym…ha, not so fast (that starts tomorrow). Give yourself a break today and just chill out, relax, stay in bed and binge watch Netflix (I’m currently watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). You deserve a day to relax, reboot, recharge and get ready for an incredible 2019! Since you’ll be lounging around today, I am going to give you some fun beauty hacks that you can conquer while relaxing.

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LNL Holiday Gift Guide 2018!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It is November 30th which means we officially have 24 days to make a list, check it twice, find out who has been naughty or nice and start wrapping those holiday gifts!

Not sure what to get your loved ones this season? No worries! Keep reading for my 2018 gift guide separated by prices, ranging from under $25 to over $100! You are guaranteed to find something for everyone on your holiday list! Continue Reading


Cyber Monday 2018 is Here!!!

It’s Cyber Monday!! That coveted day of savings where you can do all of your shopping right from the comfort of your own home! This year, I have my list of who has been good and I know exactly what I want to get each of them. With so many amazing Cyber Monday deals, I am determined to get my holiday shopping finished today! Who is with me?!? So make sure to make a list, check it twice and look below for all of the amazing Cyber Monday:  Continue Reading