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New Year, New You

Ok, normally this post would be about me jumping out of bed and heading to the gym…ha, not so fast (that starts tomorrow). Give yourself a break today and just chill out, relax, stay in bed and binge watch Netflix (I’m currently watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). You deserve a day to relax, reboot, recharge and get ready for an incredible 2019! Since you’ll be lounging around today, I am going to give you some fun beauty hacks that you can conquer while relaxing.

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LNL Holiday Gift Guide 2018!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It is November 30th which means we officially have 24 days to make a list, check it twice, find out who has been naughty or nice and start wrapping those holiday gifts!

Not sure what to get your loved ones this season? No worries! Keep reading for my 2018 gift guide separated by prices, ranging from under $25 to over $100! You are guaranteed to find something for everyone on your holiday list! Continue Reading


Cyber Monday 2018 is Here!!!

It’s Cyber Monday!! That coveted day of savings where you can do all of your shopping right from the comfort of your own home! This year, I have my list of who has been good and I know exactly what I want to get each of them. With so many amazing Cyber Monday deals, I am determined to get my holiday shopping finished today! Who is with me?!? So make sure to make a list, check it twice and look below for all of the amazing Cyber Monday:  Continue Reading

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Black Friday Sales!

It’s Black Friday! Need I say more?!? I know 2 days from now is Cyber Monday but believe it or not, there are so many great sales online right now! Black Friday is no longer just about shopping at stores, it’s also online! Some of my favorite stores like Bloomingdales, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Targetand Amazon have amazing sales! Check out some of my favorite deals below: Continue Reading

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A Minted Holiday

I am thrilled to announce that I am ahead of the game this year when it comes to the holidays and I actually shot my holiday cards in October! Yup, I finally learned my lesson…get them done early before it’s too cold! No frozen toes or purple lips this year!

Last year, Kingsley was crying because she was so cold and Cash was not having it.  This year, an email popped up in my inbox from Minted and acted as the perfect reminder to shoot my holiday cards. I took full advantage of this reminder (and the early bird discount) and planned our shoot ahead of time.

I would love to be that family that dresses to the nines and makes their way all the way to Central Park to get the “perfect shot”. Reality…we just aren’t that family haha! I plan my dress in advance but Josh plans his outfit the same day as the shoot and ends up wearing the same super chic velvet blazer. I think this is the third year he has worn this blazer for our holiday card but what can you do!

Last year, it was so cold that Kingsley ended up wearing a beautiful dress paired with house slippers…she refused to take them off because it was so cold. So needless to say, I learned my lesson and picked a warm day to shoot our card this year. I live in downtown NYC and if you follow my Instagram stories, you probably know by now that I live close to the Freedom Tower and Oculus.

The Oculus has commissioned artists from all the Burroughs of NY to paint parts of the Oculus in cool upbeat graffiti. This year I decided it would be the perfect place to shoot our card! Below is our final choices for the cover of our holiday card and I had to incorporate some silly “reality shots” (naturally pics of my kids fighting between shots).

Each year, I rely on MINTED to print my holiday cards! They never disappoint and it’s extremely easy to use. Last year my mom printed hers through MINTED too! I love sending out holiday cards to our family and friends because I feel like it spreads the joyful spirit! Happy holidays to all of you and good luck with your card shoot! 😉 I highly suggest using MINTED if you are looking for the perfect company to print these pictures!




Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018

It’s that time of the year again! My walk to school today was filled with crisp air, colorful leaves and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes (although I must admit I’m having a hard time giving up my iced coffees).

Thanksgiving is around the corner, we are all starting to think about the holidays and you know what that means…shopping lists and gift guides! Each year, I love to be inventive and gift the ones I love something exciting. I have to admit, a lot of the gifts I give are based on Oprah’s Favorite Things!

Today was the day…Amazon announced Oprah’s Favorite Things and I am SO excited!!!! Adam Glassman went on Good Morning America this morning and announced the most coveted list of the year. The best part?!?! I GET TO GO TONIGHT to the unveiling! Woop, Woop!

I am so so thrilled to be asked again to attend this amazing event as an O Magazine Insider and can’t wait to share my experience with you all. I have already peeked at her list on Amazon and wanted to share some of my favorite gifts (so far). Each year, these gifts sell out so quickly so make sure to check them out before they are gone!

Believe it our not, Christmas is only a little over a month away so it’s time to start making a list and checking it twice. Make sure to follow my Instagram stories tonight to see the event live! I can’t wait to see what’s in store and share my experience with all go you!
As soon as I get home tonight I will do a Facebook live to show you all of the fun goodies that I got!!! Can’t wait! Stay tuned!
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I Love NY Roadtrip

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE a good ole’ fashion road trip!? Yup, I sure do! It all started way back when my parents, brother and I traveled across the country in our conversion van back in my teenage days. This is around the same time my love for Elvis grew…(we stopped at Graceland and it was love at first sight).

Outfit Details:




Last summer, my parents, my kids and I went on a 2-week road trip from NYC to the south east states and back up. This past summer, Sasha and I traveled the California coast stopping at beautiful beach towns as we made our way from LA to SF. So you must be thinking, what do I love about a road trip? Well, it’s just simple. No need to fly, no TSA lines, no dirty airplanes and you really get to see the country at a leisurely pace. You can stop when you want to stop or drive all night long! It’s truly an amazing way to explore and discover parts of the country you never thought you would see. Bottom line, you are on your own agenda! I also love that all of my belongings are in the back of the car and easy to access (I can go on and on).

Fall is upon us and I decided (after my Mom promised to watch my kids for 3 days) that a girls (road trip in the great state of New York was a must! The weather is still awesome and the leaves are just starting to fade so I got out my trusty atlas and started to map out our latest adventure.

We decided that our our end destination would be to Niagara Falls! I had been as a kid and didn’t remember it but thought it would be fun to travel up to see nature at its finest and cross the border to check out Canada! We had heard that the Canadian side of Niagara was much nicer than the American side (can’t argue…it’s true).

Outfit Details

Denim Pant


Mock Neck Shirt


Woodstock was an easy first stop for us as it’s only a few hours outside of the city and their is so much to check out. The town is obviously known for its namesake music festival and has awesome food, shops and art galleries. Did you all know that the actual concert didn’t occur in Woodstock?! It actually took place in Bethel, NY! Apparently the festival was so large that they had to change location last minute to accommodate so many people. Woodstock was the perfect place to stop: I came, I saw, I bought a Woodstock T-shirt, got some great photos and had the yummiest iced coffee and pastries from a local cafe. After our coffees, it was time to hit the road again!

Outfit Details

Denim Pant


Mock Neck Shirt


The first night on our 3-day trip was reserved for Glamping… yes, glamping. Well folks , if you followed my IG stories, you would know how that turned out…HORRIBLE! Bugs, Bugs and more bugs for days. The site was called “The Collective Retreat” in Ghent, NY. It was supposed to be one of the chicest places to glamp but OMG, talk about false advertising. Yes my friends, I paid for my stay so I am writing a review because it was one of the worst hotel/glamping experiences of my life. I had glamped two times before in Kentucky at Paris Landing and while filming RHONY at Paws Up in Montana. Both of these locations were luxury at its finest with great overall accommodations. “Glamping” is pretty self explanatory… it’s glamorous camping!

Well, The Collective Retreat in Ghent was basically CAMPING with a bed and nice sheets. Not quite sure how this location has received good reviews because it is the furthest thing from glamping. Yes I expect to see bugs outside, no I’m not afraid of them but when they are crawling on the bed and into my luggage, I’m out! There were bugs on the ceiling (including a tarantula), bugs on the floor, bugs in my suitcase, bugs in the bathroom and a mouse outside my tent. EWWWW, I tried my best but I HAD to leave. Long story made very short, I had planned and researched my trip to a T and was so disappointed by this location.

It got awesome reviews, but after reading the fine print, I realized the reviews from Vogue and Goop were for based on their other properties… Ha, tricky! (Note to self…read the fine print!)   Soooo at 8pm at night, I couldn’t handle it so I reloaded the car and hit the road with nowhere to go. All I knew was that Sasha and I wanted to get as far away from the camp site as possible. We ended up in a lovely hotel in Albany (thank goodness for Expedia).

After a yummy breakfast and a much needed coffee, we were back on the road in search of the TEE PEE,  souvenir shop randomly located on highway 90. This is truly Americana at its finest! A cool family owned souvenir shop that has been a roadside attraction since the 50’s. Sasha and I had a blast roaming the store and trying on clothing, hats and shoes! I ended up getting a bow and arrow for the kids as well as a beautiful dream catcher. 🙂

We moved along through some fun covered bridges, lots of cows, pumpkin patched and stopped at a corn maze before heading to the border. Canada here we come!

Outfit Details:

Denim Pant


Ombre Turtleneck 


The border was super easy to drive through (much easier than flying and customs)! LOL TSA has nothing on this quick passport check. The Canadian side of Niagara is the place to be with all of its tourist attractions, casinos, museums and shows! We arrived at our hotel, had a quick steak dinner with some much needed Sauvignon Blanc and we we headed to “The Conga” show. LOL Maybe it was because we were in the car for so long or maybe we had once glass too many at dinner but we LOVED the show. It was such a blast and I really felt like we were in Vegas. Our first night in Canada was so much fun, filled with dinner, drinks, shows, bars and a bit of gambling. I love Niagara!!!

Outfit Details

Black Party Pant

Shimmer Top

Black Boot

Outfit Details


Slim Stretch Pant

Woodland Jacket 

The next morning (yes we were a bit sluggish but coffee did the trick) we set off on a tour that we booked through our hotel! One travel tip for you…BOOK YOUR TOUR THROUGH THE HOTEL! They are so much less expensive and much easier to maneuver. That’s why hotels have concierge services after all! Sasha and I had searched and searched for a tour through various websites but just couldn’t come up with anything. Some of the tours were 9+ hours long and I was definitely not into that. Our tour ended up being about 4 hours; short and sweet with a full view of Niagara. We went behind the falls, stopped at a few monumental locations and then headed on the Hornblower (the boat that takes you into the falls). I found Niagara to be an awesome place for a weekend getaway and a fun spot for families to visit. There is really so much to do and see in Niagara. I am so happy I had the chance to go back! Bucket list, check and check!

After enjoying the waterfalls, it was time to grab a quick bite and get back on the road! Overall it was such a fun trip (minus the glamping). For full outfit details see below: