Makeup Monday – Sunset Eyes

It’s all about the Sunsets over summertime! Why not bring the sunset to your makeup by using bronzer, or warmer shades like orange and yellows! Go bold with your makeup and try something new! I am personally loving this sunset eye vibe! In order to get this look, it really just takes practice and finding the right shades for your skin tone. I like using this palette and blend various warm shadows together. It is basically the same concept of doing a smokey eye but instead of using dark tones, use shades that resemble a sunset! Practice makes perfect and remember to have fun because makeup is all about finding your own style and experimenting! Continue Reading


The Perfect Vacay CrossBody

Ahh its vacation time and if you are anything like me it’s all about packing efficiently (and hopefully light)! With that being said, you always want to be prepared. For me that means having one bag… yes you heard me, one bag that can do it all!  No matter where you are traveling this August a crossbody is a must. In the city? Hello! Wow are you going to carry your ice coffee and take a selfie without a crossbody bag!? At the beach!? Carrying towels, coolers and chairs…crossbody all the way!   Continue Reading


Best Bakeries in Paris on Dot Luxury

When one thinks of France, it is safe to say that food often comes to mind, especially sweet treats! If you are anything like me and have a major sweet tooth, you can only imagine how excited I was to visit Paris and try all of their delicacies (especially the sweet ones). Before leaving for my trip, I started researching the best desserts and bakeries around Paris. I was beyond surprised when I found over 1000 bakeries claiming they had “the best desserts”. After speaking to many locals and continuing my research, I was able to narrow it down quite a bit. Read about the best bakeries in Paris on Dot Luxury!

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Clean Carpets with Oxiclean

I received compensation for this post from Church & Dwight, the maker of OxiClean. All opinions are my own.


I am one of those moms that yes, I’ll admit it… I let my kids eat on the couch! I know, I know…and to top it all off, my couch is white and so is my carpet. What am I thinking?!? Ha! Well, I’m thinking that when the stain hits the carpet I can always deal with it using OxiClean Carpet & Area Rug Stain Remover! We live in an NYC apartment so we tend to eat all over the place. The kids are always snacking on the couch, or on special nights, I’ll put their dinner on trays and let them eat while watching a movie.


But of course there are always accidents and recently, to my dismay, both kids decided to make ice-cream sundaes. Before I could say “Be careful!” the stain had already hit the carpet! UGGGGGG… chocolate on my white carpet 30 minutes before my husband was due to come home!

The only saving grace in this situation was that I had a bottle of Oxiclean Carpet and Area Rug Stain Remover and it works wonders for these unexpected incidents! Phew! Both kids knew they were in trouble and stared at me in sheer amazement (and relief) as I sprayed OxiClean on the chocolate and dabbed it with a towel. When the stain started to lift I was so relieved!

No more chocolate stain on my white carpet!! The best part about having such an awesome stain remover is that my carpeting always looks clean and stain-free even though I have two young kids who tend to eat (and spill).The good news is that my carpet is clean and stain free thanks to OxiClean but the bad news is that my kids aren’t as concerned anymore about spilling on my carpet because they know Mommy can fix it! Ha!


Dot Luxury – Day Trips from NYC

New Yorkers are tough cookies through and through; we thrive off of the hustle and bustle of our glorious city. The very things that make us love our city also tends to be the things that drive us mad during the summer season. The heat and humidity in the city, honking cabs, jammed subway cars (to the point where you feel like a sardine) and dare I say…the tourists! This is enough to drive anyone a little crazy. With that being said, the key to a great summer in the city is to escape lol. Read about my favorite day trips from NYC on Dot Luxury!


Makeup Monday! New Skin Cleaning Routine

It’s Makeup Monday and today is all about my new and improved face cleaning routine! We all know that I am a creature of habit and am hesitant to try anything new when it comes to skincare products. It always takes a pro to convince me to change my routine. Recently, my facialist noticed that I wasn’t entirely cleaning my face and missing spots. So much for my trusty washing routine (the one I have been raving about since high school…yes, that one). It wasn’t cutting it anymore so I decided to switch it up! (eeeekkkk!!).  My facialist told me that than spin brushes are great for your skin and also give you a Continue Reading


Last Day of Nordstrom Sale! Roundup!

Can you believe it is the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?!? Time flies, especially during the summer. Now is your last chance to pick out your must-have items at an incredible price. I rounded up my favorite picks from various categories but make sure to browse the website before checking out. You never know what you might find! This is the ideal time to get ahead of the game and start your fall shopping; You know you are going to need a new coat and a pair of boots so why not get them now while they’re on sale?!? This is also the best time of year to shop for summer gear and sunnies so make sure to check out my favorite swimsuits and coverups below! Happy shopping and I hope you find some great looks, make sure to tag me on social media so I can see what you found! (I just found this pleated skirt so plan on seeing me wearing this quite a bit in the fall and winter)! Continue Reading


Duster and Denim

I believe that the duster is here to stay! For a moment, I thought it might be a temporary trend but the duster is back this season! It’s actually a fab way to dress up any look. You all know how much I love a denim jacket but sometimes it’s nice to jazz things up a bit with a fun alternative such as a duster. Many  dusters are light enough to wear on a summer evening and “cool”enough to wear as more of a blazer look during the fall. Continue Reading