Makeup Monday Headbands

I’m not one to invest or buy into a brand new trend unless I know it’s going to stick around. I was late to jump on the headband trend but turns out I wasn’t late because it’s clearly not going anywhere! No matter your age or hairstyle, the headband is a statement that is here to stay. Not to mention this is the perfect way to hide the inevitable bad hair day. Here are some of the headbands I recently added to my closet:


The Turtleneck

I have these memories of being young and wearing turtlenecks growing up in Connecticut. I knew it was going to be a cold day when I would see my Dad wearing his turtleneck because it was usually reserved for skiing. Years later, I remember seeing Audrey Hepburn wearing a turtleneck in some editorial shots and thinking, who knew a turtleneck could be so chic! In fact, who knew it could be sexy?

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Winter Pastels- 3 Pink Sweaters to Cheer up your Winter Blues!

Happy New Year! I know I am a bit late but I think that you are free to use that expression for the whole month of January, right? Lol. Not sure about you but for me, this time of year is rough. The holidays are over, the new year is here and it’s time to fulfill our resolutions. The days are shorter, the the weather is gloomy and I can’t help but want to spend a little extra time watching Netflix. (P.s. have you watched The Politician yet?!?! OMG it’s amazing, love love love! Add it to your must-watch list).

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3 Must Have Eye Shadow Brushes

Whenever I get my makeup done by a professional, the first thing I notice is how many brushes they use throughout the process. I recently invested in some MUCH needed eyeshadow brushes and they have made a world of difference. It has made my makeup application process so much easier, the shadows glide on seamlessly and blend to perfection!

These are my three must have eyeshadow brushes:

This Laura Mercier All Over Eye Brush is my everyday go-to! I mainly use it for applying a solid shadow but it can also be used for adding color on your lower eyelid if you are going for a smokey eye look. Whether you are going for a day to day look or trying to achieve a smokey eye, you will 100% need this brush!

My absolute favorite brush is the MAC 240S Large Tapered Blending Brush. Besides blending shadows, this brush softens and sharp edges or harsh lines. You need to make sure your blending brush is tapered so the tip fits into the crease of your eye. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just beginning to play around with shadows, this brush will be your best friend!

Last but definitely not least is the Chanel Les Pinceaux Dual-Top Retractable Brush. This brush is super easy to use, it’s ideal for lining your eyes with total precision as well as keeping your brows brushed and on point!


The Lucite Heel

Every fall I treat myself to a new pair of over-the-knee boots. This season, I peeled away from all back everything and took note of what was lacking in my closet. I realized I didn’t own any brown boots so the hunt for the perfect brown boot began.

I recently found this fabulous pair from Stuart Weitzman and am so excited about the lucite heel and more importantly, the incredible quality. If a new boot doesn’t get me excited for fall/winter, I’m not sure what will haha! Below are some super cute lucite heel boots for the season:


Ringing in the New Year!

Guess what !? New Years Eve is right around the corner…and…my kids are sleeping over at a friends place! You know what that means!!? Sequins, Martinis and dancin’ til dawn!! I can’t wait, 2020 here we come! Having trouble picking out what to wear?!? Me too! Ok, so I decided to make it easier for all of us and break down some looks based on the occasion. Staying home for game night? Going dancing? House Party? Or black tie event? I have you covered!






This Weeks Scoop

It’s not often that you come across an amazing brand that reinvents itself, especially at the most amazing prices! So when a brand does this, you “scoop” it up and wear the whole collection! The new Scoop collection sold exclusively online at Walmart (click HERE) has just about everything you could hope or want. Everything from cozy casual sweaters to pleated skirts to dresses, fuzzy faux fur coats and much more!

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Current Denim Trend

Looking for fabulous denim for this holiday season? I found some amazing, stylish pieces from Current/Elliott at Bloomingdales! We all know that Bloomingdales is my one stop shop and today they are having an incredible sale, It’s Buy More, Save More at Bloomingdales! The more you buy, the more you save, $25/$150, $75/$350, or $150/$500, use the code SAVEMORE on !

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