The Poet Shirt

Who else remembers the Seinfeld episode with the ruffled shirt? LOL! Hilarious! Well, I actually got my inspiration for this look from fashion week shows. Ruffles are back with vengeance. 🙂 And the vest…don’t even get me started…all of a sudden it’s all about the vest! I’m loving these cool sleeper trends; looks that have been around since the turn of the century are trendier than ever!


Cool Culottes

It seems silly to put the words leather and spring in the same sentence but it’s actually quite normal to wear this fabric while transitioning into spring. For example, today, it’s 40 degrees and raining but it is technically spring and I see a tree blooming with cherry blossoms. Oh spring, she is trying really hard to come out and bring on that beautiful and much needed sunshine. While she tries, we can test out the various new trends of the season. 

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Banana Hues

I am always in the market for basic pieces with neutral hues to style under anything and everything. I’m basically into any piece that is handy and ideal for layering. Banana Republic recently launched their True Hues Collection which specializes in their inclusive range of nude clothing accessories designed for ever skin tone. There are so many styles and tones to choose from, whether you are looking for intimates, bodysuits, silk dresses or shoes! This new collection is timeless, classic and essential for every woman’s wardrobe!


Makeup Monday Self-Care

I am not sure about you all but boy of boy, now more than ever, I am in need of some major R&R, skincare and self care! It’s been such a stressful week filled with uncertainty for all of us.

For me, and I’m sure for most of you, the new “normal” starts today. The next few weeks of quarantine are going to be about homeschooling, reconnecting with loved ones and filling those empty slots of time with things you enjoy to do! Whether it’s Facetiming an old friend or reading that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months…take a little time for yourself!

I am going to dive into my self care routine. These eye masks are everything and so easy to use while working relaxing. I like to put them on after the shower, before coffee and let them stay on while I sip my hot cup of joe and plan the day. Whether you are tired, puffy or just need the hydration, there are plenty of eye patches that will do the trick. Below are a few of my favorite brands that can be delivered straight to your home. Stay safe and healthy!

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I am not even sure what to say…What is there to say? This too shall pass…I hope that you all are staying safe and healthy during this very scary time.

It’s so hard to believe that just a week ago we were living our normal lives, our full-scheduled, busy hectic lives and now here we…it all came to a screeching halt.

As a New Yorker, having been through all the disasters, (911, the blackout, Hurricane Sandy) I know that we can get through just about anything. Our city is strong and resilient. But this…this is a whole new level. Knowing that this virus us affecting EVERYONE in the WORLD is almost too much to bare.

I have had quite a few moments lately…moments of shock, deep sadness and uncertainty. It’s a horrible feeling that is consuming my mind and body. What will happen to my children and schooling? What will happen to my husband and his work? What will happen to my work? Will any of us get sick? It’s all just too much but I keep coming back to one thought…there is a higher power that is calling for us all to stop, take control and pull back on our crazy lives. We are being forced to stop for a reason, whatever it may be, so it is time for us to listen and put life into perspective. Instead of overwhelming ourselves with “what if” questions, why don’t we try to replace those by staying in the moment and enjoying the time we have to ourselves and with our loved ones.

My family and I are fortunate enough to have friends that offered us their home outside the city and I am beyond grateful. NYC is the epicenter of this pandemic and I was scared to have my kids in the middle of the city. So for the next few weeks, my family and I are hunkered down in the country. We are going to take this time to go on walks, get plenty of fresh air and settle into our homeschooling routine. Hopefully all of this will give us some sense of “normalcy”.

With that being said, work is part of my everyday normal and after taking last week off to adjust, I feel ready to get back to work and know that it will help me stay busy and take my mind off of things. So between homeschooling and cooking more than I have ever cooked in my life, I will continue to post about fun fashion trends and makeup finds. (All of this content was shot a week or so before the horrible pandemic).

So take this time for YOU! Rest, relax, reboot and recharge. Think about why you needed to slow down and think about all of the things that really matter to you as well as what you might want to change in your life.

I am thinking about you all during this horrible time. Please stay safe and healthy!



Resort Wear

It’s that time of year again…the time of year when you get to escape the frigid air and trade in slushy sidewalks for white sandy beaches and sunshine…it’s resort season! It’s time to set your parkas aside and bring out your finest vacation attire, also known as your resort wear. Whenever I hear the words “resort wear” I envision Grace Kelly in the 1950’s, laying poolside at the most luxurious hotel in Palm Beach. I also think about walking into Bergdorf Goodman and admiring the elegant mannequins dressed to the nines in the season’s latest one-piece swimsuit, paired with a wide-brim sun hat, a fabulous beach bag and of course, couture sunglasses.

Resort wear is now a modern idea once dedicated for the upper echelon society; in other words, people who had the means to travel to warm destinations during the cold winter months. Fashion houses began designing resort wear as there was a need for chic attire that could easily be worn by the beach but also appropriate for fine dining. The key to resort wear is versatility as well as lightweight fabrics that are easy to travel with and look effortlessly fashionable. Breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk and poplin as well as no fuss fabrics are characteristics of resort collections. The nautical theme, with clothing that mimicked sailors’ looks, was very common during early resort trends. Wide leg cotton pants and navy striped sleeveless tops are some of the most memorable looks from early resort wear designers. While some traits can still be found in todays resort collections, styles are now ever changing and becoming more modern! Originally, only high-end and exclusive stores catered to this line of clothing, not every fashion house subscribed to the resort lifestyle.

However, times have changed and many designers are creating ready-to-wear resort collections. Traveling to warm weather destinations is much more accessible and resort wear is now in very high demand.  Resort wear is no longer considered a seasonal collection but rather a year-round clothing style that displays a sense of style to the wearer. Here are some of my favorite Resort Wear items of the season:


Pool Proof Makeup

Just because you are poolside, it doesn’t mean you can’t still look like your fab self despite the heat and sun! I have makeup for every occasion and my vacation/ poolside makeup game is just as important to me.

I have specific things that I use to block the sun and and stay looking cool and refreshed. EltaMD makes a great tinted SPF moisturizer that I have been using for years and absolutely love! The tint is just enough to cover any imperfections while evening out skin tone and the SPF 46 blocks all of the harmful rays!

My lips are always the first to burn so I always use gloss/lipstick with SPF to prevent sunburn while keeping my lips moisturized with a cute rose tint. Because you are always wearing sunnies at the pool, not much is needed for the eyes but never forget to curl your lashes and apply waterproof mascara. Color on the lips is the most important and a great cream blush applied to the apple of the check is also poolside perfection. Below is a list of my favorite poolside products to keep the sun out and the fun in:


The Combat Boot

Thanks to good ole Doc Marten, the combat boot has always been really cool and fashion forward. I have to admit I wasn’t ever really a Doc Marten gal, but this season, I’m ready to branch out and try what you all have known about for years. I am all about the flat boot this season so the combat boot is a great fun option that seems to go with just about every outfit. Here are some of my favorite picks of the season:

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