Valentines PJ’s

Looking for the perfect Galentines gift? This is what I’m giving all my girlies this year! It’s either chocolate or short shorts for my girls (can’t have both) lol!  Continue Reading


Teddy Bear Coat

Running errands today with my Teddy Bear ha! I’m loving the latest “teddy Bear” trend. It’s fun to spice up your winter wardrobe with some items that will carry you into Spring.  Continue Reading


Quick Cryo

One of my absolute favorite new trends is Cryotherapy. Have you heard of Cryo? Yes…the machine that freezes you, ha! My husband has been doing it for months and finally convinced me to go! Quick Cryo is right in my neighborhood of Tribeca, so I decided to check it out and am now completely hooked. It is a one stop rejuvenating shop, complete with an oxygen bar, localized cryo, cryo facials and sequential compression. But the main attraction is the state of the art full body Cryotherapy machines.

Continue Reading


A Bold Lip and Cheek

This is one of my favorite products…the Bobbi Brown rouge for lips & cheeks! It is such an easy to use versatile product that fits in your purse and works for just about any occasion. One of this seasons hottest makeup trends is a bold lip and cheek! Normally you choose one or the other but not this time! Continue Reading


Valentine’s Button Up

I just found this button-up shirt and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! I am all about festive Valentine’s clothing and accessories but you can only get away with wearing certain pieces from February 1st through Valentine’s Day! Continue Reading


Playing with Plaid

We could all use a pair of fingerless gloves! They keep you warm but you can still text message (a necessity in todays world).


A Leopard Coat

We are half way through winter and it’s time to let those animal instincts take over while keeping you warm! This is one print that will NEVER go out of style.  Continue Reading