Glowing Summer Skin

Glowing summer skin is always a must for summer! With that being said it’s always important to take care of your skin! Sunless tanners are the best way to get that fab summer glow all year round without having to risk damaging your skin from the hot summer sun! Heading to a beach vacay and don’t want to burn but want to look like a local upon arrival!? I have got you covered! Here are some of my fave summer glow body bronzers!


Summer Fragrances

Summer scents are the best scents! I love fresh, light and floral fragrances that remind me of being on vacation by the beach! I have been using Jill Sander SUN every summer and sunny weather vacation for over 20 years!! It’s honestly my favorite perfume of all time! There are so many amazing light and airy perfumes for summer that it’s hard to choose just one! I wanted to share with you a bunch of my favorites:


Swim Coverups

Swim coverups are a sign of vacation and relaxation! I have a few favorite brands that are my go to’s when it comes to coverups, Pitusa being one of them. Last Time I was in Miami, I visited their flagship store in Brickell and it was amazing! The colors, styles and designs were so bold and on trend. Another great option is Nordstrom because they have a variety of great choices for pool and beach coverups. Last but definitely not least is Amazon. It is always a trusty source for just about anything and everything on trend! Check out below for my favorite summer go to beach coverups:


Go Au Naturale

Thinking of going Au Naturale this summer? These natural products are worth checking out! I was recently looking for a natural bug spray and found a bunch of great and natural products for summer that I had to share with you! These days, with so much sanitizing, Clorox and extra chemicals used for cleaning, why not go au natural when you can?!?


Summer Swim

It’s that time of the year again! I pulled out all of my summer clothing, checked to see what still fits/ what is still in style (FYI, last summer doesn’t count). It’s time for a swimsuit update and I have you covered! One-pieces that leave you feeling fab and bikinis that keep you feeling sexy all around!


Patio Refresh

I recently moved into a new home after 12+ years of living in an NYC apartment. I had never decorated an outdoor space and I was so excited to buy outdoor furniture and accent pieces! There are so many amazing affordable ways to decorate your summer outdoor space, so I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with you! I am currently renting my house, with that being said, this isn’t our “forever” home so I wanted find some fun affordable pieces to update my outdoor space. Below are some of my favorite ways to decorate outside!

Outdoor Mirrors are an amazing way to bring the indoors outside! I have a bunch around my backyard and love the way they make my patio look like a living room!

Outdoor Pillows-




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Summer Eye Palettes

The summer eye palette is all about bright colors and bronzed tones that compliment your beautiful summer glow. Applying eyeshadows that have a bronze or gold shimmer can definitely help give you that sun-kissed look, especially when used with a complimenting blush or bronzer. During the fall and winter months, I tend to lean towards darker shadows and lots of liners but during the summer, I pick bright bold colors that will last me through the season; colors that brighten and open my eyes! I love to have one new palette each season and this summer, it’s all about being bold!


Beach Bag!

Yay!!! Summer is here! Let’s fill that beach bag to the brim and hit the sand! I have a few different kinds of summer beach bags; one for a vacay, one to actually go to the beach with my kids (you can imagine the bigger the better!) and I also have a one for when I am not with the kids…do you need me to keep going on about how many beach bags I own? ha ha…Needless to say, I have found a beach bag for everyone and every summer occasion!


Kids –