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Mother’s Day with Liverpool Jeans

This year, Mothers Day is all abut YOU! To all the moms out there, treat yourself to the gift of a new wardrobe, the gift that keeps on giving. Liverpool Jeans has wardrobe essentials that fits EVERY BODY whether you are looking for a new pair of jeans, a basic tee or trendy jacket. Their Mother’s Day collection is inspired by whomever the mothers are in your life; mom, sister, friend, aunt, Liverpool has the perfect gifts for everyone!

Whether your mom is a an on the go, sporty, kick back, carefree, eclectic, chic or all of the above type of mom, Liverpools luxury feel good clothing is ideal when it comes to putting together quick and easy outfits. This brand is designed to inspire making lives easier; the entire collection is interchangeable and can easily be mixed and matched which makes it perfect for your everyday wardrobe needs.

So tell me, what kind of fashion mom are you!? Happy Mother’s Day to all!


The Perfect Spring Trench

People always ask me what is the perfect transitional piece to wear when the seasons are changing (summer to fall, winter to spring)…it’s the trench coat! It’s lightweight yet keeps you warm and looks great with any outfit (even your cozy sweats). A trench is one of those staple items I always talk about! I am partial to the classic khaki trench but there are so many fun colors available! I linked my top picks below.

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Mascara Moments

Mascara is this ever-evolving, fabulous product that improves on a continuous basis. I call it my “miracle product”…Why is it a miracle? Because it instantly brightens your eyes and wakes up your face; with the simple stroke of a wand, you are instantly transformed into the inner diva you truly are! Looking for thicker, longer or fuller lashes? Whatever you need or want, your lash dreams can come true!

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Best of Workout Bras

When I feel like I have the perfect sports bra, I know I will become motivated to workout! I am always and forever on the hunt for the perfect sports bra. Truth?!? It is SO hard to find. There are so many different variables to look at when buying a sports; size, material, type of exercise (high versus low impact) and so on!

I have made 3 simple categories below to help determine some of my favorites for all of your excessive needs!


The Best Basic Bikinis

Are you traveling anywhere this spring break? If so, good for you!! It’s time to update your bikini game. I love a triangle top with a drawstring bottom because it looks great on every body type. You can loosen the bottom strings when needed and/or tighten the top depending on the support you need. Don’t have a basic black bikini? It just might be time to invest in one!


Must Have Bath Products

For me, luxurious baths are usually reserved for vacations or hotel stays. In NYC I went without a bathtub for way too long time (almost 10 years)! So a long bath has always been considered a major luxury for me!! I finally have a tub and have loved every minute of soaking in it! Even the kids have loved taking baths! The best part has been exploring all of the different fun and luxurious bath products on the market!

Here are some of my favs!

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