Fall Trends!

Fall is here!! Yup, it’s official…I just had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and no matter where I go, almost every food option has some spice along with everything nice!

If you live in an area where the weather is starting to cool down, your summer clothes have most likely migrated to the back of the closet and your toes have gone into hibernation; Goodbye flip flops, hello boots! Lol- bye piggies, see you in the spring!

Since moving to California (a little over 2 years ago), my wardrobe has been a mess. Fall in LA means 80-degree weather (and that’s a “cool” day). We recently had a heat wave and and it was over 100 degrees for about a week. Just today, the weather gal said we would start to see “Fall like temperatures” and before she could finish her sentence, I had already put down my coffee and was ready to grab a jacket. As I was reaching for my jacket, I heard her finish her sentence with “temperatures in the 80’s”. I was born and raised on the east coast…80’s doesn’t count as fall weather, does it? 80 degrees and fall shouldn’t be in the same sentence. It’s so darn hot in California that it’s hard to even enjoy a pumpkin spice latte…guess I will stick to my ice coffee for a little longer.

SOOOOO this season I wanted to share with you some of my favorite transitional pieces that can help glide and guide you effortlessly from the heat of summer to the coolness of fall or in my case, those cool LA desert nights. It cools off just enough in the evening and early morning to enjoy a latte while wearing a cozy shirt jacket and a new pair of booties.

This season, more than ever, I am shopping my closet. What was old will soon be new again! I have also cleaned my closet and donated any item that I hadn’t worn in over a year. Out with the old, in with the new! Over the years, I have realized that less is more and it’s always better to invest in a few, high-quality key pieces.

Each season I have a “must have” item and this season it was all about finding a neutral colored suede bootie. This is an LA must and a great example of a staple piece that can easily be worn for years. When I shopped my closet, I realized every pair of boots I owned were black! It was time for an update! I searched for a while to find the perfect boot and decided to go with the lithos pair by BASH. Love this bootie! I can dress it up or down and wear it with a cute dress during the day or jeans at night. This is a great versatile boot that most likely pairs well with the majority of your closet! I wore mine to the pumpkin patch this weekend and can report no blisters! 

Next up is the super fun wool parka. I love a New Mexico vibe/pattern; beautiful earth tones and textured patterns. This look keeps us all on trend and because the tones and patterns have withheld the test of time, this trend won’t ever go out of style (think Lauren Hutton Ralph Lauren circa 1980).

No matter where you live or what the climate may be, fall fashion is hands down the most exciting season to dress for! You can always adapt your closet according to the weather and incorporate fun tones and textures of the season.

Luxe Leather 

Faux Fur 

Maxi Slip Dresses

Statement Boots 

Blazer, Bomber and Moto Jackets 

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