Road Tripping- Cross Country

This is the summer of the ROAD TRIP! It seems as if every conversation I’ve had this month is about major changes in summer plans. European vacations and Caribbean cruises have turned into a good old fashioned American road trip.

I happen to be a huge fan of road trips! I have such fond childhood memories of my family traveling across the country, from CT to CA and back. Road tripping is just an amazing and easy way to see the country. You can curate your travel to fit your families needs and even add in spontaneous stops. How about our beautiful national parks? Any road trip is fun but also an educational experience.

My family and I have been out of NYC for some time now and staying with my family in CT. We will be leaving from Farmington, CT and driving all the way to Los Angeles, CA. We had thought about renting an RV but decided to take our car and stay at fab places along the way! Glamping anyone?!?When we leave CT we will hit Gettysburg, Chicago area, up to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon! I can’t wait!

The big question is what to pack on a 2-week road trip with limited laundry services…yup…you heard me…2 weeks!

Ok, so I decided to start with the bags. Each family member is allowed a Lands End duffle bag. I decided a duffel would be easier to carry and soft/moldable and easy to fit in the car. I told everyone that they can bring whatever they can fit in their bag, nothing else!

I, myself, have decided to to pack simple and comfortable. I have to say I have officially lived in NYC too long because packing like this is actually really hard for me!

It’s all about sticking to basics; jean shorts, tank tops, cardigans, sneakers, flip flops, track suits and leggings. Below is a list of what is going in my duffle bag! I always pack one nice outfit because you never know! 😉

Wish us luck! Off to California we go! Stay tuned and follow my Instagram stories from the road!

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