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Must have Trends for Summer

With glimpses of summer on the horizon and vaccines slowly but surely being administered, the hopes and thoughts of a life that we have longed for is in sight! With that being said, what exactly does that mean for the future of fashion? What does that mean for your online shopping cart and your actual closet? I am here to show you some of my favorite must have items for this summer! These pieces will make you feel fresh, new and revived! We have to embrace our new reality, look toward the future and continue to make it fashion.

Very few of us are dressing up anymore, the idea of a cocktail party or black tie event is so 2019! It’s time to DAZZLE IN THE DAYLIGHT! What does that mean? Most of what we do nowadays is outdoors; gone are the days of dancing until dawn. The days are now all about bike riding, outdoor dining, outdoor coffee dates and daily strolls. Since this is, in fact, our new reality, we should start dressing for it! Instead of buying that knockout dress you would have purchased for a major event, opt for a few beautiful, cheerful summer dresses that can be your go-to summer staples. I say go for that new pair of high quality yoga pants that you know you’re going to end up wearing at least twice a week, trade in those stilettos for a versatile slide that you can wear to dinner or your next coffee run. It’s time to accept the present and be in the here and now. I am not asking you to toss those beloved sweatpants away…I am just suggesting it’s time for all of us to step up our fashion game. Let’s remaster our wardrobe and start dressing for a bright, bold and happy summer!


This is an easy trend to “slide” into. I know that if you peeked in your closet right know you would be able to count at least three pairs but remember…it is time to update this look; heels are out, slides are in! Make sure to keep this in mind when shopping for your new pair of slides. Try a “dressier” slide by opting for satin, leather or faux fur. TREND ALERT: White slides! Remember, this color matches with everything, it won’t ever go out of style and it’s super chic. Side note, if you don’t already have a pair, it might be time to invest in a pair of Birkenstocks because they are the most comfortable shoe ever (if you don’t believe me, ask your mom lol). Believe it or not, I have to admit that is brand has made a comeback and are officially COOL again. Yup, they are! You heard it here so it’s officially in style to pair your Birks with a casual dress, jeans or pretty much any outfit. Trust me, you and your feet will thank me!

Adult Tie-Dye

I know I don’t have to tell you this because it’s literally still everywhere you look…but…tie dye for adults is still a huge trend this summer! I’m talking big, big, huge, you should go shopping now kind of trend! Whether you are looking for a new pair of summer sweats, a romper or a summer dress, definitely opt for tie dye.

Retro Remastered

Retro vibes and prints always come back around. Don’t be afraid to pair bold patterns and prints together; think J.Crew, circa 2009-20019 lol! I know it’s hard for some people to wrap their head around mixing and matching various prints but if J.Crew can do it, so can you! They truly know what they are doing but if you are a bit hesitant, start with baby steps. Maybe opt for a bold dress, top or bottom and then work your way up. The beauty of fashion is there is no right or wrong answer, you make your own rules and just have fun with it!


Yup, good ole fashioned stripes are back (not that they ever really went anywhere). Preppy, chambray, subtle stripes, you name it, they are here to stay this summer! So how do you like to wear your stripes, East Coast preppy or West coast cool? Either way, you are ahead of the curve when it comes to stripes!

Summer Sweats

Yes, summer sweats do exist and they are fabulous wardrobe stapes! There are winter sweats and summer sweats…when I refer to summer sweats I’m talking about light and airy fabrics that are ideal for chilly days or nights by the beach or mountains. You can easily mix and match either a sweatshirt with a pair of shorts or sweatpants with a cute tank. The possibilities are endless and totally interchangeable!

Bold Colors

I recently heard an expert talking about summer trends and color is always one of the main talking points! This year, it’s all about “Yummy”, yup…yummy like the Justin Bieber song! Think bright, think bold, think colors you can eat; strawberry red, blueberry blue, lemon yellow and so on…did that make you hungry? lol

Volume Dressing

Volume dressing is all about a generous, kind body, full fabric, oversized, wider leg, style that fits every body trend! The bigger the better; think ruffles, pleats and lots of fun fabric. In summary, think 90’s Baby!!!


SURPRISE! Pastels are in style for summer, who knew?!? Ha! Mic drop! I like to buy one new piece a season, it usually ends up being a blazer of some sort. Why?!? Because blazers are awesome transitional pieces that can be used all year round!

Ruffles and Lace

Romantic and light, happy and free, ruffles and lace define summer! Gone are the days of heavy layering, it’s time to peel back the layers to reveal summer at its finest. Bold full shoulders, balloon sleeves, fabulous textures or light and romantic lace are the way to go!


It’s all about eyelet! The instant way to freshen up your wardrobe this summer is by opting for staple eyelet pieces. Believe it or not, eyelet cutouts have evolved throughout the years. This summer, modernized eyelet has come to play and you can find eyelet holes in all shapes and sizes! This might just be the perfect summer trend 🙂

Lounging in Linen

Linen is the fabric that defines summer; it’s light, airy, easy and breezy! Linen is a loosely woven, allowing heat to escape so you won’t get overheated when lounging in linen. It also absorbs moisture and dries very quickly which keeps you cool and dry on the hottest summer day!

Summer Silk

Silk in the summer is a must! Gone are the days when a silk dress was just for an evening out on the town! Today, everybody can wear a silk dress all day long. Pair it with sneakers to run errands, belt it for work or throw on a pair of heels for dinner!

Simple Whites

White for summer has been a must on freshly tanned skin since the beginning of time! A crisp white top, blazer, dress, or jeans gives a carefree , chic summer event the elevated look !

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