Viva Las Vegas!


Viva Las Vegas!





Photos by Lucia Lowenthal

The Las Vegas Sign! An iconic landmark that reminds us of Vegas’s past; a city where you could find Elvis or the Brat Pack having dinner next to you at the Stardust. Ohh how I wish I was at the table with them. In my last life, I’m sure I was! That’s the only way I can explain my current life obsession with Elvis!  I have been to Vegas many  times, but this trip was different. I really enjoyed being a tourist and exploring everything Vegas has to offer (and of course, finding ELVIS!) Boy oh Boy was he everywhere! It was nuts, I felt as if I died and went to heaven. Everyday, all day, you can find Elvis wondering throughout the city. The Vegas Sign is a sunset hot spot for photos (and the perfect place to find Elvis). There are numerous “Elvis’s” lined up singing, waiting to take you for a ride in his caddy. So, naturally, I did what any Elvis fan would do…I threw on my sequin jumpsuit and got in line to take a pic with Elvis!

Asos- Jumpsuit

Prada- Heels


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