Clean your Brushes! #makeupmonday

How to Clean your Brushes!!!







It’s #MakeupMonday ! This week I am going to share with you some brush cleaning tips! Before I found brush cleaning solution, I used to do the weekly “brush bath”, running each brush under warm water, washing them with disinfecting soap and waiting 24hrs until they dried. Ughhh what a time consuming, pain in the rear end task!

I finally came across these fabulous brush cleaning solutions that are life savers! My 24hr brush cleaning task has now turned into a 5 minute routine (plus, they leave your brushes smelling wonderful and looking like they’ve spent a whole day at the spa)!


Check the video above to see how easy it is to clean your brushes! Here is a recap:

  1. Spray the solution directly on your brush
  2. Rub the brush back and forth on a CLEAN paper towel until there is no more makeup residue
  3. Repeat steps with ALL of your brushes
  4. You should do this at least 2 times a week! No more dirty brushes ewwwww!!

Here are some of my favorite brush cleaners, all under $30!!

MAC- Brush Cleaner 

Clinique- Brush Cleaner 

Bobbi Brown- Brush Cleaning Spray 

Trish McEvoy- Brush Cleaner

Laura Mercier- Brush Cleaner 

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