Keeping up with your Skincare!

Now more then ever I am finding that it is super important to keep up with my skincare routine. I am home like the rest of us, drinking more than I have in the past, not eating my normal healthy meals and of course eating way more dessert (which I actually enjoy) than I have in the past. I have moments of extreme motivation with my workouts and yoga but overall not excercising as consistently as I would like to…..Oh well, it’s SHELTER IN get out of exercise for FREE card.

I have realized during this unprecedented time you just can’t be that hard on yourself and do the best you can do. However the one thing I have found easy to keep consistent is my skincare routine. It’s the best defense to offset the negative effects of not eating healthy or exercising regularly. My skin responds poorly to sweets and sugar and usually results in undesirable breakouts, it’s my bodies way of saying “put down the candy”. At 43 yrs of age I find it increasingly important to take my skincare routine serious and make that extra effort to do all the things that will give me the best results. I historically get monthly facials and in the city I have found a facialist I love so much. This Shelter in has forced me to rise to the occasion and be my own best facialist. Thank god I have had some great tips over the years and through a lot of trial and error I am working extra hard to keep my skin healthy and fresh and I am feeling pretty good about it!

We all know the importance of 8 hours of sleep, drinking the equivalent to 8 glasses of water (which I love with a squeeze of fresh lemon) and eating healthy are the three best things you can do for your skin and body. I strongly recommend find the beauty routine that works for you and your skin and stay consistent with it and get that GLOW!


Step 1) Cleanse – Using a great cleanser is very important something strong enough to exfoliate your skin and gently enough to leave it smooth and soft. I use Chantecaille Rice and Geranium cleanser it has rebalancing botanicals that foam to exfoliate the skin. I am also a big fan of PURPOSE soap. I have been using purpose for 20 years ever since high school and I am still a huge fan. Its all natural ingredients clean the skin, its fragrance free, hyper-allergenic and you can’t beat the price and it’s available everywhere.

Step 2) TONE- After cleansing in the AM I follow up with a Vitamin C spray by Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Splash spray. Then the NaturaBisse Vitamin C+C Vitamin Complex serum. Most of us get plenty of Vitamin C through our diet but there is no guarantee that it is going straight to your skin. Vitamin C’s anti aging ingredients help to maintain a smooth even and glowing complexion!

Step3) Hydrate – in the morning I use a moisturizer with SPF I have been using Oil of Olay since high school (LOL) it has a SPF 15 its great for daily use. If I know that I will be getting more sun that day then I use a stronger SPF. I love this one ELTA MD its a great sunscreen that has had amazing write ups and came recommended from my dermatologist. The formula calms and protects acne prone sensitive and hyper pigmented skin. The sunscreen is offered in a tinted formula and regular and I personally love the tinted moisturizer.


Step 1) Cleanse – I use a cotton swab and wash my eye makeup off with Bioderma eye makeup remove. Then I wipe my face clean of makeup with a makeup wipe. I personally love the oil-free Nueutragina wipes and then I cleanse using the same Rice and Geranium cleanser from Chantecaille to clean my skin and to take off all makeup and residue from the day!

Step 2) Tone – Natura Bisse has a fabulous toner called Diamond white clarifying spray . My facialist turned me on to this toner a year ago and I have not looked back!

Step 3) Hydrate – I have 2 steps to my nightly Hydration. First I use a Hydrating serum, with Hyaluronic Acid. This serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves loss of firmness. Then I follow up with Natura Bisse’s Oxygen cream. This is a light weight moisturizer that I use to follow up after the serum in the evening as I have dry skin. I love this cream it feels like silk on the skin and makes it feel rich and nourished!

Step 4) Don’t forget the eyes!! I use LUMIERE illuminating eye cream by NEOCUTIS. I have been using this under eye cream for years and I have to say I love it because it tightens and firms your under eye skin just make sure you apply it 2x a day!

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