Wouldn’t You Like to Know?

Wouldn’t you like to know, What Like to Know It is?? How to screenshot and shop my looks is super easy!

Ok, so a lot of you have asked me why I post the hashtags on Instagram!

Liketoknow is a fab app that allows you to shop the looks I wear directly from your phone. Basically, if you like one of my outfits, you sign up for the app and you’re done! From then on, whenever you screenshot a photo on my Instagram with the hashtag #liketit, you will receive a message within minutes with direct links and ALL OF THE DETAILS of my outfit. It’s a simple as that!! Sit back, relax and enjoy shopping directly from your phone. I know a lot of you follow LNL but haven’t signed up for Liketoknow! If you’re anything like me, I screenshot pictures and save them for later. But now, life just got a lot easier with this fabulous new app! It takes two minutes and is completely free! I use it myself to shop other bloggers looks, so from personal experience, I can say it’s super convenient and easy to use!





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