The Fool Proof Smokey Eye

Sometimes you just need the cliff notes, am I right?!? A fool proof guaranteed way to get right to the point! I would like to thank ALMAY for coming up with this amazing, easy to use smokey eye palette! I am very visual learner, so seeing where each color is suppose to go on the eyelid is brilliant and a total game changer.

Almay has picked all the colors out for you in order to achieve that perfect smokey eye in 3 seamless steps. Sometimes finding the right colors to create a smokey eye is the toughest part but Almay did all of the work for you! It’s all there, in one small palette. Apply the first shade to the eye lid, blend the second into the crease of the eye then the third right above! It’s as easy as that! And remember (because I often forget) … there are different colors of smokey eyes, is doesn’t alway have to be a dark sultry eye. It’s nice to opt for lighter hues like this palette I’m using. It’s ideal for a day time smokey eye!

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