Menswear Redefined

Menswear has been a trend in women’s fashion for years but never has it been as polished as it is now, nor has it been as refreshingly easy to wear.  

I am always looking for fresh ways to update my wardrobe. When I recently clicked on the Chico’s homepage, I was instantly drawn to the menswear inspired pieces.   

In the past, one would associate menswear with being boxey, oversized and baggy (think executive boardroom meeting). 

Woman would actually steal their boyfriends (or husbands) clothing and wear them as their own! Well ladies, I am here to say, stay out of their closets because menswear has been refined! 

The look is now more tailored to fit a woman’s body while still keeping the relaxed men’s style.

Chicos has done an excellent job in incorporating amazing prints and fabrics into its latest collection.  Herringbone is one of my favorite patterns for fall so I love this particular blazer, especially for fall. Not only do I love the print but I am also vibing the fit and feel of the fabric!

The length and pattern of this jacket lends to the menswear vibe, while the crisp white button down gives the feminine touch any woman would need to head to work or conquer a busy day!   

The best way to accessorize  the menswear trend is to add in some statement jewelry. Jewelry takes the over all masculine vibe of this trend and brings it back to a lighter more feminine look. Think pearls, pearls and more pearls!

I am obsessed with all of the accessories that Chicos has to offer, especially this season!  Cat-eye sunglasses, strands of fabulous pearls and stacked bracelets are the perfect ways to add a feminine touch to any menswear inspired look. The menswear collection at Chicos makes me very excited for fall as they are currently caring some of my favorite staple pieces! Nothing like adding a little feminine twist to menswear inspired clothing.

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