How to Dry shampoo

Wondering about dry shampoo?? PSSSSSSSSSSST I have a secret to tell you…best invention ever and SO easy to use! You know how you just got a blow out and by day 2 it feel great? Well, this is why you need to use dry shampoo! Spray the dry shampoo in the roots of your hair and at the hair line. Section of your hair and spray at the root all over you head. Then, take your fingers and tassel the hair at the the root to blend in the white powder. Not a blonde? Don’t worry Batiste makes dry shampoos in different colors so it easily blends into your hair. Also, don’t forget to use at night before you go to bed, to soak up any excess grease that may accumulate at night. Also, sleeping on a silk pillow case helps to preserve your hair!

Psssssst was the first brand to make this awesome powdery spray in the 70’s and today just about every hair line has a dry shampoo. My fave is Psssst but everyones hair is different so I would try a bunch and to see which one is right for you. Here are some of my other favorites:

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