Neon Moments

Did I just say neon!? Yes I did! Neon is in! This trend is hot hot hot through summer and right into fall. I went for the monochromatic look in head to toe neon green. Nervous about going bold this fall!? Don’t be! Jump into the hottest trend of the season.

Neon pink and florescent green are the front runners this season. If you aren’t ready to go bold, start off with one neon piece whether it be a sweater, belt bag or accessory and then work your way towards a full monochromatic look. You can even start with a bold lip, neon nail polish or vibrant eyeshadow. There is nothing wrong with starting small and going big and bold once you get your feet wet! It’s just fashion people! Have fun and remember that you can always return clothing if it’s not your thing haha!

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