The Velcro Blowout

There is nothing like a good ole fashion velcro blowout! Velcro rollers have been around forever…think back to old movies when all of the starlets would be waiting in their dressing rooms with their silk robes and hair tightly wrapped up in rollers as they anxiously awaited their next scene. I am all for the velcro blowout because it gives you a smooth finished look unlike any other! How do you achieve this perfect blowout?

Wash and dry your hair and add in a thickening spray. When the hair is dry, separate sections of hair and roll each section back, away from the face. Secure each piece with a large clip, spritz with hairspray and let it set. Leave the rollers in for as long as you’d like! I like to leave them in until I finish getting dressed and applying my makeup. The longer you leave them in, the more volume you get! This is such an easy process and the results are the best!

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