Sun Kissed Skin

Sun kissed skin is one of those makeup looks that we all long for year round. When summer finally arrives, we can’t get enough of this wonderful healthy glow! Theres always the natural way to get it by spending a ton of time in the sun, don’t forget your SPF, but for those of us that shy away from the rays, I have a quick and easy way to get this fresh faced look!

First apply bronzer along the temples, down the cheeks and jaw line. Apply it in the shape of 3 (starting at the top of the forehead, bringing it down towards the cheekbone and then under the jawline). Apply a matte bronzing blush in a sweeping motion, down the cheek, up over the nose and back down the temples to shape a W. There you go! That’s all it takes to get that perfect summer glow. Make sure to check out my favorite palette by Urban Decay: Naked Flushed Palette. It has a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one!

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