Beach Waves with a Curling Iron

I am embarrassed to say that years ago, when I was on a little show called RHONY, I wouldn’t go to any event without getting my hair done! That’s right…I would get up early, and have someone come over for a quick (and expensive ) beach wave blowout. Well, I am proud to say with a little practice and a lot of trial and error I finally learned to style my own hair with beach waves!

The saying, practice makes perfect is sooooo true! Try and try again ladies! One day, I sat in front of the mirror for an hour, took my time and just practiced figuring out the curls and maneuvering the iron and the twist of the wrist. I finally mastered it! The key is to practice, protect your hair and use a good curling iron. Again, I repeat, a good curling iron!!! I learned the hard way with an old iron (yes from high school.. eeekkk) and my hair started to break.

The trick is to start by applying a thickening and protecting spray. I section off my hair using clips and curl one section at a time, making sure to curl away from my face! (The parts in the back I consider a free for all, if you can reach it, curl it, whichever way your wrist can twist)! When you curl, make sure to hold the bottom of each strand and DO NOT curl this area. The key to beach waves are keeping the bottom of each strand straight!

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