Springing Ahead

Grey outside but warm and bright inside!






It’s so cold outside that I decided to spring ahead! I very rarely buy new linens, but when I do, they are generally white. But not this time!! I recently went to a luncheon honoring a talented artist, Fionna “Fi” Douglas, who is also the founder and designer of Bluebellgray. She was showcasing her new home collection, which includes everything from shower curtains and bedding to beautiful linens and kitchenware. Her collection can be found at Macy’s ! I can’t even begin to tell you what a warm cup of tea and colorful bedding can do for your spirit!

Since it was too cold to play outside, the kids and I decided to have a pajama day to beat the winter blues. Kingsley and I had a tea party with her dolls and painted their nails. Then we snuggled up in bed to watch a movie and it turned out to be a great day! Even though it was a cold, grey day, it was bright and cheery inside our apartment.



Bluebellgray- Shower Curtain 

Bluebellgray- Bedding

Bluebellgray- Decorative pillows

J.Crew- Pajamas

Gap Girls- Pajamas

Gap Boys- Pajamas

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