At Home Mani

Don’t worry! We are all in the same boat these days…with nail salons closed, we are all forced to do our own nails! An at home manicure is easier than you think. I wanted to share with you the secret to my success.

I would like to say that I know a thing or two about nail polish. After all, I did have my own nail polish line! I have found a few products at the drug store/Amazon that help my nails looking healthy and perfect in-between salon visits.

First of all, I like to paint my nails in neutral colors so (not if, but when), they chip, it isn’t as obvious and you can go a bit longer without wanting to hide your embarrassing nails. I have found that my perfect shade is a mix between Mademoiselle and Sugar Daddy by Essie. Make sure to use a gentle file then buff out any ridges in order to prep your nails for polish.

Next, apply a long-lasting base coat, then one coat of Mademoiselle followed by one coat of Sugar Daddy (make sure Mademoiselle goes on first). Once your nails are dry, apply a quick dry top coat then let them sit for at least 5 minutes before applying CND Solar Oil. This oil is the key to successful nails and cuticles!!!! Use it daily as it helps hydrate and strengthen your nails. I keep my oil by my bedside an apply it every night before I got to sleep.

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