Dry shampoo, a MUST!

Now, more than ever, it’s ALL about the dry shampoo! Ha! Why wash everyday? Unless you are Zooming all day while on conference calls, you are probably doing what I am doing, right? Washing your hair every 3 days or so? In between those washes, use dry shampoo! It’s been around and going strong since the 70’s for a very good reason! Remember all those elaborate hair styles in the 60’s? Women would go to the salon and get their hair style done for the week and maintain it with dry shampoo (or baby powder) until they could see their stylist again. I have been using it for years and I am not quite sure what I would do without it!

So this is how I use it…I was my hair and then every night before I go to sleep, I section it off and spray each section with dry shampoo so it absorbs any oils that may accumulate over night. Then, I spray again in the morning before I style my hair. (Repeat this routine for the next 3 days). Depending on my work schedule, I can usually go for a few days using dry shampoo before having to rewash my hair. Dry shampoo has come a very long way since the 1970’s original formula. Now they have tons of different scents and colors depending on your type of hair. If you haven’t tried dry shampoo, now is the perfect time! Loving the latest products from Batiste featured below!

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