It’s Makeup Monday! Today we are getting a face lift people! A non-invasive 15 minute face lift, woop, woop! Are you in!? YESSSSSS of course you are! Ok so long story short, I have a girlfriend who told me about NuFace years ago and I always had it in the back of my head that I should really be trying this! Cut to 3 years later, I was walking around my neighborhood and noticed a NuFace pop up shop, so naturally, I had to check it out to see what all the hype is about! I am beyond, sold, sold, sold with this toning device! It REALLY works and I will show you how to use it on my Instagram stories. Make sure to keep reading and watch my IG stories to see the full videos!

So in a nutshell, NuFace is non-invasive facial-lift that is achieved using microcurrent technology. All it takes is a quick and easy 5-minute treatment that improves facial contour, skin tone and wrinkles (check out my IG stories to see the process of how it works). At the NuFace pop up shop in Soho, you have the option of choosing between a 15 minute quick facelift or a 50 minute luxurious facial. You can’t go wrong with either option…regardless of the service you choose, I guarantee you will leave the shop with a new face!

Once charged, it’s super easy to use. You apply the gel primer then slowly move the machine starting at your neck and working your way up. (You can learn more about the process HERE).

My only advice is to make sure you apply enough gel prior to using NuFace. You shouldn’t feel anything but if you do, it most likely means that you didn’t use enough gel.

This photo was taken after using NuFace on one side. Isn’t the difference insane?!? The results are incredible and you can see how much higher the left side of my face is compared to the right. It truly is an instant face lift!

End result, a clean and rested face that’s tighter and lifted!!

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