Velvet Foil Cream Shadows

It’s Makeup Monday, my favorite day of the week! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite goodies sent to me by my friends at Almay! I can’t wait to show you all of the products but today I’m going to hone in on their Velvet Foil Cream Shadows. First of all, I want to say that the first day I wore this shadow, 3 people commented on how amazing my eye makeup looked! I was so excited!

It’s Spring and I want to stress that it’s all about wearing color. I feel like I have kind of been in a rut with my makeup throughout the winter. It’s just easier to wear darker shades but now that it is officially spring, I have started to brighten up my makeup. These Velvet Foil Cream shadows have officially made it easy to go bold, bright and colorful. They are so, so, so easy to use and there are so many fab shades! For this look, I combined the colors “Ruby Glam” and “Cupid Gaze” and believe it or not, I used my fingers to apply and blend! Yup, all I had to do was rub the cream shadow on my eyelids followed by some light smudging and blending (check out my IG stories today to see how I applied).

I love that these shadows are easy to apply and perfect for mixing and matching. You can make your eye makeup as intense as you’d like by applying various shades. Have fun with these colors and play around with them to get your desired look. And don’t forget, the worst that can happen is you make a bit of a mess but easily clean it up with a makeup wipe and try again!

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