O Boticário!

Makeup Monday has me in search of new perfumes and body lotions from around the world!

I came across this fabulous Brazilian brand, O Boticário, which happens to be the largest beauty franchise in the world with over 4000 shops. The brand has been around for over 40 years and O Boticário has an online store in the US, coming up on its third year anniversary (!

I was browsing their website, looking for various bath and body products, when I came across their perfumes. I was immediately drawn to the chic and retro perfumes bottles because they reminded me of the 50’s! I love when you can enjoy fragrances and actually display them as décor in your home or bathroom.

I ended up ordering three different perfumes: Lily My Lily  and Lady Lily EDP. They all smell incredible! Lily has an unmistakable fresh and elegant scent. What’s the secret of this scent? The technique of enfleurage! It’s the way in which the essential oil is extracted from the flowers to become the main ingredient of the perfume.

My Lily also smells incredible and is a little less floral than Lily. The secret of this scent is that is has Narcissus, a flower that can’t be planted and grows spontaneously in the fields of France.

Last but certainly not least…Lady Lily EDP! Although all of these fragrances smell incredible, I have to say that Lady Lily EDP is my favorite. What is the secret of this scent? The perfumes of the Bulgarian, May and Damascenas Roses in the exclusive essence called Grand Rose. The Roses are collected in a special way and each has a distinctive method for extraction of essential oils, which are blended by the maturation technique. The method, almost extinct, allows the essences to interact and blend with each other in a natural way… And in their own time!

I am also all about delicious body lotions and I found this one from A scented body lotion is a total luxury for this busy momma! Normally, I use whatever body lotion my kids use but after browsing the O Boticário, I decided to treat myself to a luxurious lotion. This winter, I want to step up my fragrance game and stand out from the crowd. Little secret…apply the O Boticário prior to using the O Boticário fragrance and it helps it last even longer!

Overall, I am extremely impressed by the products from O Boticário and HIGHLY suggest trying the perfumes and lotions. It’s really amazing to come across an established overseas brand that is available in the U.S! I feel as though I’ve been keeping a fun secret and now I want to share it with all my followers.

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