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Love with Food, snack smart, do good! Discover junk-free snacks and help fight childhood hunger.







I am ALL about snacking and so are my kids! I’m even more into snacking when I know I am donating a meal to feed hungry children by signing up for Love With Food! This is by far the easiest way to snack smart and do good! They have 3 different types of boxes, one of which is even gluten free! So yes, for as low as $7.99/month membership fee you can help a great cause while also having tasty snacks on hand each month without ever having to leave your home! It’s such a great way to sample new snacks without having to buy the whole box. Our family loves going on picnics in the park and this is such an easy way to bring a variety of snacks, conveniently packaged in a box!

Check out the Love With Food website for a discount on your order!

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