Makeup Monday! New Skin Cleaning Routine

It’s Makeup Monday and today is all about my new and improved face cleaning routine! We all know that I am a creature of habit and am hesitant to try anything new when it comes to skincare products. It always takes a pro to convince me to change my routine. Recently, my facialist noticed that I wasn’t entirely cleaning my face and missing spots. So much for my trusty washing routine (the one I have been raving about since high school…yes, that one). It wasn’t cutting it anymore so I decided to switch it up! (eeeekkkk!!).  My facialist told me that than spin brushes are great for your skin and also give you a much deeper clean. She also suggested that I use an exfoliater once a week to clean off the old skin cells. Then she told me I needed a stronger cleanser…(NOOOOOO!!!) Here is the deal, I’m 41yrs old and my skincare needs have definitely changed. What I used in high school or even a few years ago doesn’t fit my needs anymore. Ladies and gentlemen out there, pay attention because we need to be taking care of our skin now more than ever. Our late 30’s and 40’s is prime time . There are so many amazing products out there that don’t cost a fortune. I have started using the Chantecaille foaming cleanser in the morning and night along with a spin brush. I am also using the Patyka exfoliator once a week. I also use the Natura Bisse Toner and Chantecaille eye makeup remover (if needed). Make sure to follow a face cleaning routine that works good so you can wear your skin with style and pride!

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