Makeup Monday-NARS Climax

It’s Makeup Monday and today it’s all about my latest and greatest find…NARS Climax mascara. So I was walking around the makeup department at Bloomingdales last week with the hopes of finding a great mascara. There are so many incredible makeup brands at Bloomingdales so it took me a little while to find the right product. I went from counter to counter until I ended up at NARS and sampled their latest mascara, Climax. OMG! It’s an incredible mascara that delivers major volume but at the same time, it’s still lightweight and doesn’t smudge or clump. Your lashes are guaranteed to reach their climax with this mascara!

I also like the fact that it has a full-bodied brush with ribbed bristles because it captures and coats each lash. Wondering how I apply my mascara?

First Step:

Coat the bottom and top of your upper lashes and wiggle the brush slowly. (Make sure to get the root).

Second Step:

For extra lift, lift the lashes and hold the wand for at least 5 seconds.

Third Step:

You’ve reached your climax with NARS Climax! (Repeat on lower lashes if desired).




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