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New Year New You!


A New Year = A New You !






Photos by Angie Garcia

It’s a new year which means it’s time to renew yourself! Each and every year, its always the same old resolutions for me; eat better, sleep better and exercise. Although I would like to meet these goals, I need to be realistic in order to be successful. I have decided to eat healthy at home by only buying low sugar, gluten free products and lots fruits and veggies. I really am going to stay away from high-sugar desserts. When I got out to eat, I will be a bit more lenient and indulge in a dessert every once in a while. By eating healthy at home, I won’t have to worry so much when I eat out!

When it comes to exercise, in years past, I would have set unrealistic goals such as “I will take two Pilates classes and three spin classes a week” How unrealistic is that!? VERY!  Instead, why not look at the calendar and the week ahead and say, one Pilates, one spin class and I will take the stairs instead of using the elevator. It is so much easier and more realistic to stay on track by making smaller goals you know you can keep.

Sleep…. ahhhhh sleep is just so fantastic and fabulous! Sleep is something I took for granted before I had my kids. But not anymore!! Ohhhh not at all. I’m a great sleeper, I just can’t seem to get enough. I always want more and more! I think my biggest issue is that I watch TV before I go to bed…this is something I promised myself I would stop doing this year. Picking up a book is much more settling as it eases your mind and after a few chapters, you are ready for a good nights sleep. Unlike a book, the TV is always calling my name, sucking me in…I always tell myself “one more commercial before I go to sleep” but not anymore!

On a fashion note, I always feel better with a little wardrobe refresh. It’s hard to be a new you in the same old work out gear. Update your dated duds and feel better all around !

Happy New Year and cheers to a New You 😉

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