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Mother’s Day Gift Guide- Dot Luxury


Mother’s day is that wonderful day that falls right after spring has shown its’ vibrant colors. We are all in a fantastic mood, ready for summer, our spring-cleaning is done and we feel fresh and rejuvenated. Overall, it’s just a fabulous time of year (and day) to honor the woman who gave you life! Whether she is by your side, across the country or looking down on you from above, she is with you on this special day. I have to admit that before becoming a mother, I didn’t really understand the significance behind Mother’s Day. Of course I knew how much I loved my Mom and the time we spent together but when I was younger, Mother’s Day meant flowers and a card. Today it means so much more and I now realize the sentimental meaning behind this special day. I wrote an article with my favorite gifts for a successful Mother’s Day! Read the full article on Dot Luxury!

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