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Clean Carpets with Oxiclean

I received compensation for this post from Church & Dwight, the maker of OxiClean. All opinions are my own.


I am one of those moms that yes, I’ll admit it… I let my kids eat on the couch! I know, I know…and to top it all off, my couch is white and so is my carpet. What am I thinking?!? Ha! Well, I’m thinking that when the stain hits the carpet I can always deal with it using OxiClean Carpet & Area Rug Stain Remover! We live in an NYC apartment so we tend to eat all over the place. The kids are always snacking on the couch, or on special nights, I’ll put their dinner on trays and let them eat while watching a movie.


But of course there are always accidents and recently, to my dismay, both kids decided to make ice-cream sundaes. Before I could say “Be careful!” the stain had already hit the carpet! UGGGGGG… chocolate on my white carpet 30 minutes before my husband was due to come home!

The only saving grace in this situation was that I had a bottle of Oxiclean Carpet and Area Rug Stain Remover and it works wonders for these unexpected incidents! Phew! Both kids knew they were in trouble and stared at me in sheer amazement (and relief) as I sprayed OxiClean on the chocolate and dabbed it with a towel. When the stain started to lift I was so relieved!

No more chocolate stain on my white carpet!! The best part about having such an awesome stain remover is that my carpeting always looks clean and stain-free even though I have two young kids who tend to eat (and spill).The good news is that my carpet is clean and stain free thanks to OxiClean but the bad news is that my kids aren’t as concerned anymore about spilling on my carpet because they know Mommy can fix it! Ha!

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