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Mascara, the curtain to the eyes… 

When it comes to mascara I am a creature of habit. I have been using the same Maybelline mascara for years and love it! I recently branched out to try their new Colossal Spider effect mascara. My “staple” mascara is Maybelline Great Lash, but every now and again, I like to try something new. There are so many fun mascaras that come with crazy wands and unique colors! For me, it all boils down to the shape of the brush…I personally LOVE a large, round mascara brush and find it very easy to use. I feel as if larger brushes allow you to get deep into the root of the lash, which leads to longer, fuller lashes! The secret to any great mascara is to use a really good eyelash curler! Below are some of my favorite products and tips!

Below are some of my favorite tricks and tools in order to get those perfect long lashes:

  • Don’t pump the wand in and out of the bottle,(Ooops…guilty as charged!). This causing clumping, flaking and will dry out the mascara. Instead of pumping, simply twist the wand inside the tube to gather the desired amount of product.
  • When curling your lashes, start at the root of your lash(make sure to not pull any skin!). Curl, press and hold for 10 seconds, then move the curler to the end of the lash and repeat. This results in long and full lashes!
  • Make sure to remove access mascara from wand before applying to lash to avoid the “clumpy look”
  • When applying mascara to your top lashes, look straight ahead. Place the wand at the base of your lash using a back and fourth motion and sweep upward. Repeat 2 to 3 times until you get your desired look.
  • For bottom lashes, tilt your head slightly forward avoid getting mascara on you cheek , use the same sweeping motion to get the desired look.
  • A trick to make you lashes look even fuller is to apply a coat of black liner to your upper lid at the root of the water line.

These are some of my favorite products!!

Baublebar – Nebular Necklace

Michael Kors- Half and Half Ring

Nails- Pop of Color- Scandal 

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