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Jeff Chastain has been cutting my hair in NYC for more than four years now. I’m so lucky to have found such an amazing hairdresser. I had long hair for as far back as I could remember.

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But, after Cash was born, I decided to try the shorter look and switch things up. It started off as a “safe” longer “lob” and has since morphed into what it is today, a shorter sleek look.  Short hair takes a lot of getting used to. There’s not as much to hide behind and you gotta say goodbye to the ever-chic bun or top knot, and I feel that it always has to be blow-dried or styled. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s worth it! I get a blow-dry or do it myself with the velcro roller look at least once a week and then I make it last with dry shampoo. I like Psssst Dry Shampoo the best. A  great trick to preserve a fresh blow-out after you hair cut is to sleep on a silk pillow case! The silk allows your hair to move freely and you don’t end up with that matted bedhead look in the morning!

Jeff was kind enough to send over his perspective on my haircut:

When I am looking for the perfect angle for you, I keep my outline parallel to your jaw, and let the front hang about an inch above your collarbone in the front. This allows the line to have a slight and very natural angle, and it shows off the collar bones, elongates the neck, and gives a defined but feminine jawline.

The cut is awesome because it has so much versatility in style. You can use the Parlor by Jeff Chastain Smoothing Blowout Spray for a straight, weight free sleekness, or you can scrunch the Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray into your hair when it is wet and let it be beachy and tousled.

This length is also just to the point where you can get it into a little ponytail for those times when you need it back and out of the way. Moms seem to appreciate this the most!

Thinking of cutting your hair? GO FOR IT! It’s hair, it grows back!

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