Can you believe my new couch came in these boxes and Josh and I single handedly put it together! Check out how cool this LoveSac sectional is!!


My new couch!! Can you believe that it came in boxes and Josh and I single handedly put it together!? I know right!? I love this new couch!! After Josh and I were married (13 years ago) we bought a new sofa and needless to say, at the time, it was fantastic. But throughout the years it has had plenty of wear and tear and although it was “fine” it just didn’t fit anymore. It was an L shape and we needed a U shape.
I finally convinced Josh to explore purchasing a new sofa!

Not sure about you but in our home our sofa is the center of our home!  We gather there, rest, snuggle, watch movies, snack, catch up with friends and family… we really need something versatile, large and washable!

That’s were LoveSac comes in ! We were at a mall in Jersey recently and we walked into a LoveSac store. I was instantly in love with how versatile these couches are; you can reconfigure them in so so so many ways. There are various fabric and color options with replaceable (and machine washable) slip covers. SOLD!!! With two kids, you need a couch that is easily to clean,

We really wanted a U shape sofa so both kids had a chaise to lay on…(they had been fighting over the only one we had for years). With the amount of sections we ended up buying, we are able to reconfigure the couch into a U-shape and still have 2 blocks left over to use as ottomans. We can also but all the sections together and make it one big bed for movie night and sleepovers. The kids love it and so do I!

Another super cool feature is that they sell a wood “coffee table” option that fits snuggly over the ottoman. Same goes for cup holders that fit on the side of the arms of the sofa. No more spills!!!

Other fun add on on are their cozy blankets.  I know what you are thinking… ! What’s so special about a blanket? Well, this one is beyond soft and cozy and has a sewn over bottom that fit your feet- no more cold piggies!

All in all the proof is in the video… it’s super easier to assemble, machine washable and most importantly, it’s interchangeable. It’s really the only sofa you will ever need. You can put it in just about every configuration imaginable and when you are ready to switch the color, you can easily buy replace covers.  I can go on and on… an on…!

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