Everyday Wardrobe Essentials

It’s a new year so let’s clean out the old and add in/update some of those tried and true basic items that everyone needs in there wardrobe! Does your black blazer have shoulder pads? Hmm, might need updating! Does your go-to white tee have underarm stains? Hmm, might need a new one…

Below, I have listed some basic pieces that are absolute closet staples and wardrobe necessities. These are items I categorize as “everyday essentials”, meaning you can wear these pieces time and time again.

The Black Blazer

The black blazer is not just for the office. I wear mine all around town, whether I dress it up with a button down or make it casual with a graphic tee and sneakers!

Gold Hoops

A good ole pair of gold hoop earrings. I have a pair in just about every size!Are yours bent or is the color fading? Time for a new pair!

The White Button Down

This one doesn’t really need an intro or any explanations. The only thing I can say about this piece is that you can’t ever have too many! I recently started wearing my husbands white button down and love the look over the larger oversized shirt! Why not try a new style!

The Undergarments

Spanx, strapless bra’s, nipple covers, etc! These are essentials for everybody. No one wants to be left unable to wear a certain shirt or dress because don’t have the right bra. These little handy tools are a huge help! You’ll thank me later!!

The Portable Steamer

I NEVER, I repeat NEVER, leave home without this trusty little helper. It’s easy to use, small, light and always gets the job done!

A Cool Kick

A right trendy sneaker can be dressed up or down! You can wear it to work paired with a dress or even out to dinner. This is not the kind of sneaker you wear on a hike or to the gym. Try something fun with a sparkle or platform, go crazy, I mean it is 2021!

Here are some other basic wardrobe stables everyone should have in their closet!

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