Country Girl

Since I have been away from the city for so long, I think the country girl in me is coming out! I rediscovered cowboy boots and forgot how comfortable they are LOL! If I start wearing a cowboy hat, they you might need to start worrying haha! Getting dressed this time of the year tends to get very tricky (and with global warming it’s 10x harder-did you know that it snowed in Colorado over Labor Day weekend?).

In some parts of the country, summer tends to stay until November and in other parts the leaves have already started to change eeeek!…Hello pumpkin spice lattes! With all of that being said, for this time of the year, it’s safe to go with long sleeves. Anthropologie is so great for the boho chic look with such an amazing variety of styles! The majority of their pieces are transitional and ideal to carry you over from season to season. I am absolutely loving this dress and have officially found a new go-to store!

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