Winter Wool Coats

I love, love, love a sharp looking wool coat! Winter wool isn’t just for cold temperatures, I like to wear mine as a layering piece in lieu of a sweater, especially in warmer climates like when I’m in California. Throw a coat over your shoulders and turn it into a fashion statement if you are living in warmer climates.

When I was living in New York, my trick to wearing wool coats when it was freezing outside was to layer, layer, layer! As much as I love puffer coats, they don’t look very chic when you are headed to a nice dinner or event. So what’s the solution to this problem? Layer a thin packable puffer like (this one) underneath your chic wool coat. I promise it will keep you warm and looking fab all winter long! Here are some of my favorite wool coats of the season that won’t break the bank!

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