Bronze Me #LNLmakeupmonday


Its summer and I’m all about that bronze glow! Tan me, Bronze me  …


Summer is finally here and its time to shed the layers away and tan that bod! I’m all about spray tans! Honestly, who has time to really lay in the sun for hours to get that perfect summer glow!? Hats off to you if you do (jealous) but if you don’t, never fear the spray tan is here! I have a bunch of different way to achieve that heavenly glow..

Spray Tan Tips-

-Prep your skin, exfoliate from head to toe starting 3 days before your treatment

-Waxing and manicure/pedicure/polish change should be done 24 hours prior to tanning

-Drink lots of water in order to hydrate your skin. Hydrated skin ensures a long-lasting tan

My favorite Spray Tan products-


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