Venice Street Style

You had me at wide leg jean. Looks like a super stylish denim but wears like sweatpants! I am a super fan of the turtleneck and have been buying the Tissue Tee style turtlenecks for years. To me, a turtleneck is a fab stylish statement, a very New England/East Coast posh put together look without trying too hard…in a good way… ha ha! AKA super chic, effortless and just overall fab! Pair your effortless turtleneck with a long necklace or pull your hair back to show your elongated neck with a bold statement earring. The turtleneck can always be dressed up or down! Don’t sleep on this winter clothing staple!

Recently, there was a moment where I felt like all of my jeans were the same; same stretch, color, style…very boring. I think years ago, I found a style that worked for me and without even realizing it, kept buying the same jean over and over! This season, I researched what was trending and decided to broaden my closet and think outside the shelf; Cue the wide leg trouser jean. I am officially a fan and love the way they look and fit. They are also wide at the bottom which is ideal to pair with a cute pair of boots but it’s also OK to rock a sneaker on a casual day. Check out my favorite wide leg jean looks and those must have turtlenecks below!

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