Tuesday Trends The Summer LBD

It’s Tuesday, that lovely day that’s better than Monday. You are getting into your weekly groove by now; but not yet thinking about Friday. I have decided to share with you fun finds and weekly trends. I’m calling it “Tuesday Trends”. Today is all about the Little Black Dress

Today is all about the trusty Little Back Dress (summer style). This is my new favorite LBD because of the lightweight material. In NYC, it’s just easier to wear black and lets face it, other than the occasional spill, black stays pretty clean lol.

When I was in Dubai I brought this one LBD and ended up wearing it 3 times. Yes, 3 !! This dress is the perfect mix of casual cool yet chill enough to wear to the beach and put back on to head to dinner.  I love how its has the body of a classic mini dress but the added panels give you coverage and a flowy fun kick. And guess what?!? Because it’s black, no steaming necessary!  Love it!!  Here is my new favorite summer dress along with some other fun styles!



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