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Travel with me!!

Traveling! It’s fabulous, I love it but it can TOTALLY be a pain in the ass. Here are some of the things I like to do to make things easier:

If possible, pack LIGHT and carry on! This is rarely possible for me because I usually travel with my family and need various suitcases BUT carrying on makes life SO much easier.

When I do carry on, I use luggage organizers in order to prevent my clothes from wrinkling. These are my favorite types to use: either one (Click here) or (Here).

When I do check my luggage, I use these organizers (click here). They are so fab, inexpensive and I can fit a ton of clothes into one suitcase. Packing can get so overwhelming and I often can’t find things I KNOW I packed when I get to my destination. Has this ever happened to you?!? Honestly, these organizers are life savers because they are labeled, come with a dirty laundry bag and everything is SO neatly packed.

Another travel tip… use a luggage tag! The last time I flew, somebody took my bag and I had to run after them. Not fun! A tag makes it so easy to find your luggage amongst the 10000+ other black suitcases that come out of the luggage carousel.

I also like to travel with my own pillow! This fab pillow from DiscoverNIGHT comes with its own carry bag and I know I’m always going to get a good night sleep wherever I go (and…it helps preserve my blow out because it’s silk). If you are interested in this amazing pillow, visit their website and use the code LNL15 for a discount!!! Definitely check out there website! Click (HERE).

Last but not least, I like to travel with comfortable clothes that look chic upon arrival. How many times have you traveled, arrived at your destination and realized your hotel room isn’t going to be ready for hours?? Or even worse, you have to go to a meeting as soon as you land. I love wearing a comfortable pair of jeans and a blazer. It’s an effortlessly chic look that is versatile and you can re-wear your blazer during your trip (why not make your blazer the new jean jacket?!?)

Oh, and don’t forget comfy shoes! I personally like traveling with sneakers but always carry on a pair of heels or flats (JUST in case).!

Traveling with kids is a whole different story, but I will get to that at some point! Stay tuned for a mommy travel post in the future!






Current/Elliott- Star Jeans 

Adidas- Stan Smith Sneakers

J.Crew- Grey Tee

Luggage Tag- Gigi New York

Gigi New York- Cream/nude tote

Mural- Blazer (Comes in black and ivory)

Pro Packing Cubes

No Wrinkle Packing Sleeves

7-set travel organizer

Miansai- Bracelet

Miansai- Screw cuff rose gold bracelet

Miansai – Screw cuff gold bracelet

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