Tie Dye for Days

Tie Dye for days! This is a trend that hasn’t ever really gone away (thanks to hippies and of course, kindergarten teachers around the world). However, this season, it’s definitely become more mainstream than in the past. When every designer, from Balmain to Walmart, has tie dye looks in their collections, you know that it’s officially a “thing”.

I love a matching set and while shopping the latest Scoop collection at Walmart, I came across this head to toe! So darn cute and the price…don’t even get me started! Why do I love a set you ask? Hmm, I will tell you…I love a set because it’s soooo easy and seamless!!!! It is an instant go-to. No need to mix and match, it’s already waiting for you! You can also wear each piece separately so you essentially have four outfits from two articles of clothing. Doesn’t get any better than that! Check out some of my favorite mix and match tie dye favs:

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