The Perfect Army Green Trouser

I have been searching high and low for the perfect pair of army green slacks. I find that I am always reaching for a pair of jeans on my casual days so I wanted to switch it up, “spice” it up if you will. I know you are thinking that a soft washed pair of army green trousers is hardly “spicy” but to me, it is! Especially when it’s so hard to find that perfect pair. Each season, I put away my winter gear and switch it out for summer staples. This season, I found myself shopping in my own clothing and I was pleasantly surprised at how many great pieces I had from seasons past! I was relieved to find that my shorts and sun dresses were still intact and in style (so were most of my other pieces)! Every few months, no matter the season, I buy a new pair of jeans, but I was missing the cargo style army green trousers!

This season I made it my personal shopping mission to find a pair. J.crew has a great army style cargo pant but they were a bit short for me. I recently fell in love with my new AMO jeans so when I saw these pants from AMO in the color I wanted, I knew they were the ones! Woohoo, the great thing about army green is that it’s neutral and pairs well with anything! Anything I can throw on and not have to think about is awesome in my book! Army green pants, white T-shirt, jean jacket, comfy slides…the perfect recipe for casual Friday!

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