A Summer Dress

Normally I would say summer in the city but in this case, summer out of the city is the way to go! Have you ever visited NYC in the summer!? As much as I love my city, it is truly miserable in July and August. Hot, steamy, sweaty… not cute! Soooo most New Yorkers like myself, head out of town. This has been one of the best summers yet filled with traveling adventures! I loved every minute of our travels as a family even though I feel like all I have done is pack and re-pack. The good thing is that all of the clothing that I bought in the spring has proven to be worthy of all of this awesome travel! This date night, I am wearing this amazing dress I bought at Nordstrom in the spring by Elan. Believe it or not, it’s actually a swim coverup!

It’s one of my favorite pieces because of its versatility. I have worn it to the beach and as a date night look! For me, it’s all about purchasing strategic pieces that can be worn from season to season. This is definitely one of those dresses that should be a must-have in everyones closet. Happy date night y’all!

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