Road Trippin



Growing up, my family and I were fortunate enough to go on many summer vacations; ski trips, the Caribbean, Key West… But one day my Dad came home driving a Van…yes, a Van! A big fantastic Ford Econoline complete with a VCR and Nintendo. (This happened in the early 90’s after all). My brother and I squealed with joy and jumped right in the van, super excited for our first ride!

From that point on, we spent our vacations taking road trips all around the US. One of these road trips was my FIRST time visiting Graceland. Two summers in a row, we spent our time driving from Connecticut to California and back. Name any city and chances are I’ve been there! Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, the Corn palace… check, check and check!

Looking back, I realize how awesome those family trips were. Such great bonding time for the four of us and to this day, as a family, we still have so many jokes that started on those trips. We then started driving from Connecticut to Florida every year for spring break in our good ole van. When I got my drivers license, guess what I drove?? Yup, you guessed…the van. I was so thrilled to have a car to drive and my whole basketball team could fit in the van for a Taco Bell run, ha!

Then, many years later, my Dad DROVE my wedding dress all the way from Connecticut to Florida so I wouldn’t have to take it on the airplane. Eventually it was time for my parents to trade in our van for something a bit newer. They now have a brand new van that is complete with headphones and a state of the art TV and DVD player.

Guess what I convinced my parents to do with me this summer???  YESSSS I am going on a road trip with my kids and my parents in The NEW Van. After my recent trip to Graceland, I really wanted to take my kids down to see /meet ELVIS in Memphis. One day I was telling my Dad about it and he said why don’t we drive down?!  Done and done! He didn’t have to as me twice!

My Dad and I got matching atlases and started mapping out our pilgrimage to Graceland. I am so excited I feel like I am 12 years old again but this time I get to drive!!!  Tomorrow we start out journey we plan on being gone for 2 weeks! We are tarting in Connecticut and driving down to Memphis and back up through Kentucky. I can ‘t wait to share this journey with you all!  I plan on sharing our journey via blog posts of each place along with Instagram stories. Follow me along the way and wish me luck!

Are we there yet??


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