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I’m embarrassed to admit that I have been using the wrong color foundation for years!!! I noticed over the winter that lots of friends would comment on how tan I looked? I wasn’t tan… lol. I used to shrug it off and assume I was either flushed or hot…hmmm, not so much!

My concealer, powder and foundation were wrong!! It may have worked for me years ago but not anymore! When I was shooting RHONY, I usually had my makeup done by professionals. Therefore, they always used the RIGHT colors! Sooo, a few weeks ago, I decided to “treat myself” to a makeup session with the ultimate makeup guru, Jason Asher. Jason is the resident make up artist at Barneys, yes… Barneys…hence the “treat myself”. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone tell me what color makeup to use.

When I went to see Jason, I took all the makeup I was wearing at the time. Half of it needed to be tossed out because it was over 6 months old (actually more like 2yrs haha), and the other items were the wrong color for my skin tone. I had been using the same Estee Lauder color compact since high school. It was clearly time for a change!

The beauty of Jason is that he doesn’t work for one particular brand; he works for Barneys and uses every brand available at the store. He works with each client to decide what products work best for their needs, skin types… etc.! In my case, I needed products for everyday makeup as well as makeup with a bit more coverage to use before blog shoots. Jason claims that with his tips and products, I have a great foundation that will last me quite some time. I can always add in new products as trends and styles come in to play (Pops of Color!).

I have been a big fan of Cle de Peau foundation for a while (treat yourself), so Jason gave me the right color for my skin and also recommended a new light-weight foundation for everyday use. He also showed me some fab makeup brushes that really make a difference when applying your makeup. I bought a new color palette that can be used for eyes, cheeks and even contouring. I also bought a new mascara that won’t dry out! (Although I must admit I’m still a huge fan of Maybelline). The point of my make up story?? Make sure you are using the right colors for your skin tone! Remember that less is more and using the wrong colors actually ages you! Make sure you are using great products that work for your skin type.

Below are photos of what I am currently using and suggestions for other great similar products, all great price points!










Tatcha- Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Similar Found (Here)

Cle de Peau- Radiant Fluid Foundation  Similar Found (Here)

Chanel- Les Beiges Glow Powder Similar Found (Here)

3Lab- Aqua BB Similar Found (Here)

Hourglass- Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil Similar Found (Here)

Sisley- Eye Concealer  Similar Found (Here)

Sisley- Tinted Lip Balm Similar Found (Here)

Chantecaille- Longest Lash Mascara Similar Found (Here)

Chanel- Blending Brush Similar Found (Here)

Chanel- Compact Brush Similar Found (Here)

By Terry- Palette  Similar Found (Here)

Shiseido- Lash Curler Similar Found (Here)

Chantecaille- Brow Perfecting Gel Similar Found (Here)

Bobbi Brown- Gel Liner Similar Found (Here)

Bobbi Brown- Long Wear Shadow Stick Similar Found (Here)

LOVE this Brush Set– Great Value !!

Nails- Pop of Color- Scandal


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